7 Exciting Bridal Shower Games

By Aaron Hu

The Bridal shower is an integral part of the wedding celebrations. It is also quite an old tradition. The Bridal Shower was a way for a girl who, in the old days, didn't have a dowry due to poverty or a disapproving parent, to get all the things she needed to start her married life. The tradition evolved and has become a part of the normal celebrations. Another tradition is that games are played at the shower. Here are some great games that can be played at your shower.

The first game is Newlywed Trivia. Have guests play a game where their knowledge of the groom and bride will allow them to win fabulous prizes. The game can be done in several ways. One is to model it after Who Wants to be a Millionaire. You can also do the game based on Jeopardy and give gifts ranked on the number of points earned. You can also use the model for games like Family Feud and use polled answers.

Have a Honeymoon relay game. The Honeymoon is the vacation the newlywed couple goes on as husband and wife. Honeymoon relay relies on each player performing an action of preparing for the Honeymoon. The final player has to pack a suitcase and wear what is packed. This will not only build up the group but also be a great photo opportunity.

Another game that can be played is Celebrity Couples. The idea is simple. You come up with a list of famous couples. You then give everyone a list with the names of one half of each couple. It is then the job of the guest to complete each couple. The person or group with the most correctly guessed couples wins. You can play the game individually or in teams.

A traditional favorite is Bridal Bingo. Each guest receives a bingo sheet with wedding words on it. The caller, who will likely be the maid of honor, will call out randomly chosen words. The first person to complete a row and call out bingo will be the winner. If you don't want to make the bingo cards yourself, there are many companies online that offer them. You can even find cards that can be customized to your preferences.

The Bling Bling Game is another exciting game that you can play. Each person receives a fake diamond ring when they arrive at the Bridal Shower. When everyone has received a ring and settles themselves, have everyone twist the jewel in their rings. The person whose ring flashes after they twist it will be declared the winner and get a great prize.

One game that all your guests will adore is Bridal Dirty Dice. For this game the rules are simple. There will be a pile of fine wedding gifts and favors. Everyone will roll the dice. If doubles are rolled the person who rolled it can get a gift. If the person gets doubles again they can steal from another member. If they get double sixes then even a stolen gift can't be stolen.

You can also play bridal charades. In this game players have to guess wedding words due to the pantomiming of their teammates. The game is easy for everyone to play. They just need to be particularly adept at nonverbal communication.

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