Wedding Gift Ideas - 5 Original Ideas for Wedding Gifts

By Beattie Sharona

Summer is the traditional wedding season so it's good to begin thinking about buying wedding gifts ahead of these special events.

Selecting a wedding present can be quite stressful. You want to choose wedding gifts that will be cherished by the receiving newly-weds after all.

Some people select a wedding gift that will be a memento of the wedding day itself. Others choose a more practical wedding gift, sometimes via a wedding gift list the couple has prepared in advance.

Online shopping has become a way of discovering wedding gift inspiration. You do not have to trail around busy shops looking for that ideal present. Instead you can search online in the comfort of your own home.

One very popular trend is for personalized wedding gifts. These enable the giver to make a present truly unique by engraving names, dates or even a message on to a suitable item. Engraved gifts make a memorable wedding present.

Choosing the perfect present to fit your budget isn't as hard as you think it is. Use these ideas to inspire you to choose the perfect personalized wedding gift to remember.

1. Pictures A popular choice is to personalize a picture with a message - designs include cartoons of the bride and groom, wedding cars, or the place of marriage. These make a lovely keepsake of the wedding day itself.

2. Photoframes Two ideas follow - both using personalized photo frames. One idea is to inscribe the photoframe with the wedding date or couple's names. The other is to add a wedding photograph of the happy couple inside and give it to them after the wedding.

3. Wedding Baubles - One lovely idea is to buy a personalized bauble for the newlywed's Christmas tree. These decorations are made usually from glass or china and engraved with names and the wedding date, making a lovely gift, brought out each year and placed on the tree as a special reminder of the happy occasion.

4. Memory Boxes - Weddings create many mementos - from the invitations, orders of service to notes and cards from well-wishers. A keepsake box is perfect to store away all these precious mementos and keep the memories safe!

5. Pillowcases - This is a fun wedding present which modern couples will love. Matching Egyptian cotton pillowcases. One nice idea is each pillowcase carrying one half of a design, so completing the picture when they are placed together on a bed. Another is one pillowcase embroidered with "Mrs" and the other with "Mr."

Shopping for wedding gifts should be fun. By giving a personalized wedding gift, you are giving something that is truly unique and thoughtful and one which you can pick according to your budget.

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