Planning A Wedding Abroad

By Sarah McCathy

Destination: Have a concrete idea about where you would like to tie the knot and decide on your ultimate wedding destination. It is impossible to plan further without having a clear idea of the exact country location.

Legal Issues: Once you have selected a location, it is important make sure you have a good understanding of all the legalities associated with getting married in that particular country. Once you have booked your wedding, you don't want to be stuck with legal documentation issues.

Visa Requirements: Ensure you have complete information and details regarding Visa requirements and documentation. This is important for both you and your partner in your chosen location, as well as ensuring that guests are able to obtain visas and therefore attend your wedding. Check this out prior to booking and paying for your wedding. Consult your guests as well as far ahead as possible.

Budget: Ensure that you have come up with an accurate budget, including accommodation costs, air fares and other fees. It is also important that you also have this conversation with your guests and come to an agreement about who is paying for what, or in other words, what you are going to cover and what they are willing to pay for themselves. Try and do this in advance to give guests time to budget for the trip abroad and plan for leave, flights and accommodation.

Make the Booking: Once the logistics, guest number and budget details have been sorted out, aim to book your wedding abroad as soon as possible. The quicker you book, the better deals you will be able to find and the better prepared you will be on the big day, as you will have left yourself enough time to plan and liaise with your wedding coordinator and venue staff.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy: All the preplanning and organization will be well worth it when the wedding date comes around. It will mean you can truly relax while your big day takes place in your dream location, and after all, isn't that what a wedding abroad is all about in any case?

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