Wedding Ceremony Types

By Geraldine Dimarco

For those of you who do not know, a wedding is a legal ceremony that commences a union between two people; once the province of only a male/female relationship, changes to the law have made this concept obsolete in some places. Whatever the background and history to marriage, it is still a legal union between two people; the law requires that the couple sign the marriage certificate in front of witnesses before the marriage can be legally accepted. The man getting married is called the groom or bridegroom to give him his full title and the woman the bride; after the ceremony they become a wife and a husband, respectively.

Marriages in a Church

As soon as you look outside of your own race, religious and social group, the wedding tradition can become very complex. Many people, whether religious or not, still prefer to have a traditional ceremony performed by a recognized religious minister in a Church of their choice, together with traditional wedding ceremony decorations, wedding ceremony music and usually wedding ceremony readings as well.

Twin Ceremonies

A different type occasion often difficult to arrange is where two couples are married simultaneously - typically, a person with a brother or sister might plan this type of occasion with that sibling, or occasionally best friends who are planning a wedding at a similar time might opt for what is usually known as a "double wedding".

Weddings in a Foreign Country

Destination weddings are becoming more popular and many couples decide to have their wedding and honeymoon in the same place. Whether this happens for an intimate beach ceremony in the Caribbean, or extravagant nuptials in Las Vegas, it will qualify as a destination wedding. Wedding ceremony decorations and wedding ceremony music may be readily available, depending upon your wedding destination, or you may need to give those items some further thought. And wedding ceremony readings can, of course, occur anywhere - you just need to prepare them in advance, and may not have the input of your church minister, priest, rabbi, iman or celebrant. You'll need to think for yourselves!

Weddings over a Weekend

A weekend wedding is where couples and their guests celebrate over the course of a weekend. Special activities, such as spa treatments and golf tournaments, are scheduled into the itinerary for guests' enjoyment throughout the weekend. Accommodation for these is normally arranged at the place where the service is going to take place and where the other events are also being held. Wedding ceremony music, wedding ceremony decorations and wedding ceremony readings may certainly form part of a weekend wedding, just a they would with any type of wedding.

An Online Wedding Ceremony

Although unusual, you can even get married online and it will resemble a normal wedding or you can even have characters of yourselves get married. Internet companies specializing in this type of ceremony are there to help you with your marriage. You won't need to worry about weddi ceremony music, readings or wedding ceremony decorations for an online wedding. An internet or online wedding can also refer to something rather different - a situation where a couple may broadcast their marriage to friends and family in other parts of the world. In this event, it will be a physical wedding at a venue with all the usual wedding ceremony music, wedding ceremony readings, and with the venue covered in wedding ceremony decorations (if you're into that). But the entire ceremony can be seen online by your relatives and friends who are unable to attend due to distance, illness, or other reason.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Despite the term civil wedding, most services that take place outside of a Church, wherever that may be, are civil weddings which have to be carried out by appointed or elected judges, mayors or a justice of the peace. Religion doesn't normally play a part in these ceremonies because they can be purely for the purpose of fulfilling the legal requirements. Many civil ceremonies take place in local town or city halls or courthouses in judge's chambers, in which event wedding ceremony decorations and wedding ceremony music or readings are unlikely to play a role.

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