Wedding Photography - Tips On How To Save Money

By Reynan Shaw

Wedding photos are the symbol of a once in a lifetime event, and most brides are reluctant to cut costs in this area. While we feel reluctant to offer cost-saving tips on your wedding photos, the cost of professional wedding photography means that today not everyone can afford these services.

There are some answers here for the budget minded bride on how to save cash on your wedding pictures:

1. Find a member of the family or acquaintance who is a photographer. You are almost sure to find somebody who enjoys photography and has pretty good camera gear. See if you can find a relative who is a pretty good photographer, and request their assistance. You will find that folks are happy to assist with weddings, and you can conserve on wedding expenses by employing their help. If you do find someone, be sure you get together with them prior to the event to talk about any specific shots that you want.

(2) Check with your local college or university for a photography student. They will love to have an opportunity to work an event and have something to put in their portfolio. Sure they are amateurs, but that means they will have a different view and will bring new creative ideas to give you some unique photos.

3. Providing your attendees with single-use cameras is another alternative. At every table, provide a themed single-use camera in order for attendees to snap pictures. You'll get pictures taken from a variety of viewpoints, and you can select your favorites. Appoint a single person to collect the cameras and have the pictures brought in for developing.

(4) If you must have a professional do the job, shop around and contact several photographers for quotes. Tell them you are trying to stay to a strict budget and see what they can do for you. You may well be pleasantly surprised by their reaction. Cutting back on the amount of photos taken will also help you stay within your photo budget.

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