Choosing Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings

By Adriana Noton

The topic of engagement rings and wedding rings can be as varied as the number of people who are discussing and or purchasing them. With that already said a few facts remain... These touch on the quality, and traditional meaning.

Traditionally in western cultures, rings are symbols. The engagement ring is a token from a male to a female to honor a promise of marriage being accepted. These vary in value and quality drastically, and always have. The ring is representative the formal commitment of both parties having made a pledge of marriage to one another.

Choosing of the engagement ring has changed over time. In past times, the hopeful groom would make the choice in material as well as design, and purchase it prior to the request or proposal being made. In more recent decades this has been edging toward a more combined decision. The hopeful bride has far more input in the ring choices now than previously in our society. Engagement rings and wedding rings have become a joint decision more and more often.

The options of materials and styles of engagement rings and wedding rings have become more varied of late. Traditional materials of gold and silver are of course still very popular, but recently modern metal combinations such as stainless steel, titanium, and even tungsten carbide are being chosen. These choices have broadened price variances more than ever before.

Gemstones in engagement rings and wedding rings also have varied more and more with recent markets and possibilities becoming available. Though the usual stones like diamond remain as standard, the landscape of design allows for even the man made gems such as cubic zirconium to be used. Stones like rubies, sapphire, and emerald are also used.

In the early twentieth century the De Beers company, (as part of a marketing campaign) set the marker of three months salary as the standard point to purchase engagement rings and wedding rings. As the largest seller in the world, this raised sales in diamonds to the masses as well as changed the company's income as well! This standard has remained to this day as the way to begin to set personal pricing parameters for engagement rings.

Engagement rings and wedding rings have definitely expanded themselves from traditional view. Wedding rings once relegated to simple plain bands have taken on as many different faces as engagement rings have. Combinations of metals, stones set into them, engraving, and even gimmal or puzzle rings all have become common place items. These rings have become as individual as the relationships they represent.

The sky is the limit in your selection of engagement rings and wedding rings. Go ahead and let your imagination take you where it will, and allow the emotion of the relationship to show through in this very personal and inspired display of commitment to one another. The wide expanse of choices is a great release of creativity you can share with an important someone in your life.

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