Choosing a Wedding Gown from Among Unusual Weddings Dresses

By Geraldine Dimarco

It is worth remembering for anyone planning to get married that weddings these days are very expensive; despite problems elsewhere, 25 billion dollars are spent each year on weddings with the average costing around 25,000 dollars. It may feel as if you must have an expensive wedding or miss out, this is not the case as huge savings can be made without sacrificing that much. Carried out properly, the majority of guests will not even realize they have attended a 'cheap wedding'. It just requires a little knowledge, imagination and clever ideas to reduce the huge amount that is spent, which should make for an exciting, memorable day without the financial pain.

Cheap Wedding Gowns

Choosing a wedding gown does not have to be costly. The huge cost of a designer wedding dress cannot always be justified these days. many bridal shops carry a large number of previously owned dresses that can be hired or bought for considerably less than new. Or if you're looking for unusual wedding dresses, try a casual wedding dress which is likely to cost a lot less than a formal wedding gown.

Reception Costs

The bulk of the budget will be swallowed up by the wedding reception; statistics show that an average of'9 guests attend so when you are planning your cheap wedding, this is where most savings take place. There is a tendency to invite everyone you have ever known or is a member of the family but this is completely unrealistic and unnecessary; if you have a buffet instead of a four course meal, waiting staff will not be required either.

The venue of the wedding reception can also be somewhere less expensive than the local golf club or hotel; using a small club for example will mean the drinks bill is less by only catering for wine, beer and soft drinks at the bar.

Wedding Photography

Although many photographers are employed for the entire day, this isn't really necessary; the majority of guests are more than happy to take photos on behalf of the couple, and they will be 'natural' shots as well! Although it may sound like an unusual idea, you always have the option to not use a professional photographer at all. There is no reason why the photos can't be taken by your guests and you will find yourself saving many hundreds if not thousands, of dollars.

Low Cost Personalized Stationary

When looking at other areas where money can be saved, do not overlook wedding stationery; invitations for example, do not have to be taken to a printer when they can be produced by anyone reasonably competent with a home computer. Many people are now competent enough to produce near professional quality work; problems and errors can be corrected quickly without regular visits to the printers.With sophisticated customization tools you'll be able to enter your own text and preview it before you print; so as not to make any costly mistakes, all from the benefit of your probably underused PC.

Flowers at the Wedding

If you want to reduce the cost of flowers, then how about this for an option - why not visit the local flower wholesaler where huge savings are possible, then all that's needed is a little imagination when it comes to the display. There is no reason why a friend or relative can't bake the wedding cake, as this will save more money plus the traditional fruit cake does not have to be used as there are many other fillings that people enjoy.

Transportation for the Wedding Day

One last money saving tip is too use the car of someone you know for the day, using this instead of a fancy limousine, you can almost guarantee they will be more than happy too.

Yes, it is possible to plan a less costly wedding without necessarily cutting back on the services, meaning that you can save money at the same time!

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