Meaning And Symbolism Of Wearing Claddagh Rings

By Leigh Campbell

The design of claddagh rings has indeed a very romantic beginning that nothing in the history of jewelry has ever brought forth. These most symbolic finger accessories are truly of deep significance. A piece worn by a man or woman always draws out a symbolism which a wearer must also be aware of. It is not just worn for the sake of being a hand accessory but for a meaning.

Claddaghs feature two hands, one of a man and the other a woman, joined together supporting a single heart surmounted with a crown upon the heart. The essence of this ring is priceless, more than the most expensive diamond on this planet. It is a symbol of unending love and fidelity. Nothing can ever break that unfailing commitment. No amount of wealth or fame in the world can ever shake that unconditional love being surrendered to a loved one no matter what the cost is! The claddagh rings are emblems of love, friendship, fidelity and loyalty coated with a proud Irish heritage.

The claddagh rings are remarkable symbols of undying love, whether for a friend or for a loved one, which is symbolized by the crown which signifies loyalty or fidelity. The essence behind this symbolic piece of jewelry is popularly known through ages in the time-honored phrase: "Let love and friendship reign"! There is no other symbol of enduring commitment that can equate the meaning of this ring.

These claddagh rings are worn in many ways. With the crown and heart facing out and worn on the right hand, it tells that the wearer's heart is yet to be owned. For those who are in love, the ring is worn on the left hand with the heart and crown in the inward position. Wearing the ring on the left hand with the symbolic design facing inward only signifies that the wearer has already found the love of his or her life and that it is meant to be forever! The ring is worn on either right or left hand depending on the intention of the wearer.

Nowadays, this romantic piece of jewelry is worn as a symbol of an undying and unfading love for life. There may be some of these jewelry pieces that may be embedded with diamonds which make them more precious. A diamond certification of authenticity is likewise included for those pieces of claddagh rings.

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