3 Tips For Making Your Wedding Unique

By Aaron Hu

Weddings are nothing new, since the beginning of mankind we have had some form of a wedding ceremony. There is something very special about two people committing their lives to each other until death. Through the years there have been massive changes in what the ceremony looks like and what it should consist of, often imposing very strict guidelines for what is and isn't appropriate for the wedding. Today however, we are free to do almost anything we want for our ceremony. This opening of doors brings with it a new challenge. You don't want to have the same old boring wedding as everyone else, yours has to be unique.

We all want our wedding to be as special as possible. This can happen by adding a few unconventional elements to your big day. We will look at a few ways you can do this in the next 3 tips.

Wearing white is not a must any more. The modern bride does not have to conform any more with her dress. Just a few years ago, it would have been a scandal had the bride not worn white on her big day. This meant that you were not pure enough to wear it. But the standards for purity have changed, and with it you will no longer be seen as an outcast for wanting a dress that is not snow white. For the traditional bride there is a wide spectrum of whites, off-whites, and ivories to choose from. If you are on the bold side, then the sky if your limit, with designer gowns even showing up in black!

Have fun with your wedding favors. Unique wedding favors are all the rage right now. No one wants that tacky, tulle wrapped, Jordan almond favor anymore. Come on, be honest. Did any one every really like that gift? Your favor can be handmade or store bought, but it must say something to your guests, either about who you are as a couple, something that is special to your relationship, or something special that happened during your dating and engagement. Think outside the box with this. What is important is that your guests can tell you put thought into it.

No more boring wedding cakes, please! With all the cake shows on TV today, we have become used to seeing these amazing, one of a kind cakes. No longer will the cake that your great aunt baked be good enough. There are so many exciting techniques that cake designers use today, making each cake unique and special, completely customized to the couple. Take some time to interview several bakers, tasting their cakes and looking at past wedding cakes they have made. Of course the more ornate you get with the cake, the more expensive it will be. The cake shape has changed from basic round to any shape you can think of. A lot of modern brides will pick different shapes for the tiers of the cake, each with a different flavor. Picking more than one flavor is a great idea for a wedding over 100 people. With more people comes more preferences in taste, so offering a selection can be a nice change from the norm. More than ever, you, as a bride, can have fun creating the perfect, unique, one of a kind wedding that you have always dreamed of.

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4 Tips For a Budget Conscience Bride

By Aaron Hu

There is nothing cheap about putting together a wedding. What should be one of the best times in your life can be a complete nightmare when you try to balance your budget with your dreams. There is no day in a woman's life that she dreams of more than her wedding. Shouldn't she be able to make it all come true without breaking the bank? That is why I have come up with a few helpful tips on things you can do to save money.

One of the first things I did when I started to plan my wedding was grab a piece of paper, a pen, and my fiance to sit down and brainstorm about all the things we'd love to see and have at our wedding. There was nothing structured about it. We scribbled notes all over the piece of paper.It was just a brainstorm. We wrote down anything and everything that came to mind. About an hour later we took a long look at what we had come up with, really talking about each thing. We broke everything down into 3 groups; things we had to have, things we really wanted, and things that would be fun, but not needed. This helped us to focus on the important things and not waste a bunch of money on things we could do without.

Pick one or two big-ticket items. Ever woman has that part of the wedding that she will spare no expense for. It could be (and usually is) the dress, photographer, DJ, the wedding cake, or any other thing. Decide what these items are for you so that you can plan your budget accordingly. All other areas are where you will cut costs.

If at all possible, having your wedding and reception in the same place is a great way to save a lot of money. There is no reason to pay for two buildings. If you are a member of a church, often you can use the building for free and only pay cleaning costs. If not, finding a venue where you can rent two adjoining rooms will often give you a huge discount on the rental fees. This also saves your out of town guests a lot of hassle and stress trying to find and get to the second location.

Lastly, you'll want to make sure you have wedding favors for all your guests, but these can be really pricey. Instead of looking in stores for your favors, there are a ton of great resources online for really unique wedding favors that won't break the bank. Shopping online for these allows you to be able to compare products and prices, and saves you time and money. You want to make sure that your favor says something about you as a couple and your wedding. If you are having a wedding in December you may want to buy some Christmas bulbs and have your name and wedding date put on them.You would be shocked to see how much you can save by buying a favor like that on line compared to what you would pay in a store.

I really hope I have been able to help you in finding ways to cut some of the cost out of your wedding. I know how tempting it can be to go overboard on such a special day, but you will feel much better afterwords if you can avoid spending your entire life savings. Good luck to you and your future spouse.

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Making The Right Choice For Bands Wedding

By Angeline Cogger

Live bands, wedding bands are essentially the same thing as they both play music to an audience. When searching for a band on the internet it may be a good idea to be a bit more specific in your description as to your requirements as there are many types of bands that will suit many different types of occasion.

Since this is your wedding and not the bands wedding, do not be shy about making song requests that may not be in their standard selection of choice. Good bands are generally happy to learn new material as this keeps them on their toes.

How to find a good band is not as hard as you think. The right way, possibly, to go about it would be to start by searching online through one of the search engines like google or yahoo. When using the search engine try typing in something like "bands wedding" or 'wedding band' this should give you a wide variety of choice.

Now you have found some bands for hire, how can you tell that they are any good? There some indications that may help you. First, do they have a website or face book or my space account where you can browse any videos or songs of their music?

You may check their past gig listings to find out more about them by talking to their previous clients. If they list their future gigs, you can go see one of them in order to better make up your mind about hiring them.

Many worthwhile bands are willing to work with you. They can customize their set to suit your requirements, even if this means learning some new songs to play for your event. Many worthwhile bands find this refreshingly challenging since it helps them improve their act.

Making the right choice for bands weddings is just as important as the location of the wedding. You want to make sure that the location you choose for your wedding has a live music license. You need to make sure they do so, before paying for the location or the band.

The wedding location will need the accommodations suitable for the bands wedding. For instance, the band will need ample room on the stage as well as in the parking lot. Most bands have heavy equipment they need to load and unload for your wedding band performance.

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A Thoughtful Gesture Of Giving Bridesmaid Gifts

By Angel A Wilson

Grand weddings will never go without the bridesmaids. These women are very important to a wedding as they contribute to the success of the occasion. This will surely include one maid or matron of honor and a line-up of bridesmaids depending on the decision and budget of the bride and the groom.

It has been a growing custom for the newly-weds to give away bridesmaid gifts to these girls as a way of appreciation for helping them out during the wedding preparations as well as supporting them till this very day. As you can very well see, these girls are chosen from amongst the closest family and friends of the couple. And they have been there all the time through the years.

Giving away bridesmaids gifts is a proper way to show importance to these girls. And you will never realize that these are valued and treasured as these are gifts given whole heartedly. These can even lead to more intimate and closer ties of friendship. Much as you value your partner's presence, so do you value the friendship that you and these women have built over time.

So the next step to concern you with is choosing the appropriate gifts for these girls. You can begin with simple tokens that are very affordable. It could be something that can be useful during the wedding and even after the celebration. Things like bridal jewelry, tote bags, beauty products or privileges at a spa. Now, these may seem expensive but they are not. As a matter of fact, you can get discounted rates.

There is lots of bridal jewelry offered in regular and online stores. You just need to search for them to pick the right accessory that matches your bridesmaids' dresses. Certainly, outfits are the first priority when it comes to wedding preparations. If you search thoroughly, you will notice that there are lots of stores offering discounts for bridesmaids' necklaces, earrings, bracelets, combs and many more. You can distribute these the day before the wedding.

Another thing you can give is tote bags and beauty products. Women fancy these gifts as these make them look and feel pretty. After the wedding, they will be moving ahead with their regular life and these come in handy. You will certainly find good designs of these products to choose from.

Another option you can consider for your bridesmaids is spa services. Of course, these girls would love to look stunning on this gracious occasion, so giving these privileges for manicure and pedicure as well as make-up would be ideal. Or they could choose to pamper themselves after the day of the wedding by looking and feeling beautiful.

There are many other things you can think of just to show your gratitude to these women, and giving away bridesmaid gifts is one. Just bear in mind that they need not be expensive or very elegant. True friendship begins with giving away simple heartfelt gifts and who knows, these could mean a lifetime cherished bond between you and your bridesmaids.

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Making Your Wedding Favours Feel Exclusive To You

By Emily Tanner

Wedding favours are such an important part of your reception decor and ambience that it's important to give your choice some due care and attention. When it comes to choosing your wedding favours these days, there are so many products on the market that it's easy to find favours pertinent to you and your partner.

For those of you who are not clear about what a wedding favour is, let us firstly clarify what they are and why they are given. The giving of wedding favours is an ancient tradition and can be traced back to Italians and the French originally. Favours are given to guests as a small token of appreciation to thank guests for their help in the run up to the big day and for attending the wedding day. It is believed by some brides that it is an unnecessary added expense as guests have already received a nice meal, expensive surrounding and are generally well catered to, though it remains an important tradition that doesn't have to be too costly.

There are many ways in which the perfect wedding favours for the perfect couple can be found. For example, if your wedding is having a rustic, rural and organic theme, favours may come in the form of personalized seed-kits, bags of home made sweets or even bunches of dried lavender tied with organza ribbon to match other elements of the wedding.

On the other hand, if your wedding has an elegant and sophisticated edge, favours may come in the form of exquisite hand made chocolates presented in suave favour boxes and finished with foil printed personalized ribbon. For those who wish to achieve this air of sophistication without overspending, these can easily be created more cheaply by giving guests foil wrapped hearts in pretty shaped favour boxes. Plain satin ribbon or plain organza ribbon can be purchased to co-ordinate with your table linen or bridesmaid dresses to complete the look.

On the other hand, your wedding may have a very definite theme, in which case this idea can be embellished in your favours. For example, if your bouquet and wedding invitations carried a red rose theme, then by choosing rose favours your tables will co-ordinate perfectly with the rest of your day. Themed favours come in many forms such as chocolate bars, mint tins, bottle stoppers and candles. Rose motifs could even be iced onto homemade biscuits and presented in cellophane bags; a very personal - yet inexpensive - wedding favour!

Hopefully this will have given you some food for though as to how you can create wedding favours that are unique to you.

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A Few Quick Tips For Finding Destination Wedding Photography

By Devin Zuberg

There are some different steps that a person looking for destination wedding photography will need to take that would not be necessary if the wedding were in your home location. Taking a few important steps before you make final arrangements for your photographer will help you to plan your budget more effectively and make plans for a more successful experience.

Deciding on whether or not to hire a local or destination professional can be difficult. However, you will need to plan on extra expenses either way. There are special considerations when you are going to hire a local photographer that may make a significant impact on your budget.

Having a local professional join the wedding party will require that you include all of the travel expenses in your budget. This will include the extra costs for their camera equipment, a room at the location where the wedding will be held, food, and transportation while they are at the location.

If you are going to hire your photographer to travel to the destination, be sure to get insurance to cover them and their equipment during the trip. If the professional is injured while they are on your wedding trip, you will be responsible for the injury. Most cameras and other equipment are very expensive. If they are damaged on the trip, you will also be responsible for that. Having insurance will protect you from being liable for these costs.

Many people assume that their destination wedding planner will know a photographer at the destination, however this is normally not the case. Most planners have a network of individuals they work with that includes caterers, ministers, resorts, etc., but an area that they rarely are involved with is photography. If you are getting married during the peak season for a destination, the resort may not have a photographer on site who can take your photos.

Resorts may have a photographer in-house, but you will not know what the quality of their work is until after your wedding, which will be too late. Before contracting for a resort photographer get the names of some people that have had their weddings shot by the person and contact them. Find out if the photographer was able to give the kind of service that they wanted.

It will be very helpful if you make a detailed list of what kinds of pictures you want the photographer to take and the locations where you want the pictures taken. Meeting with the photographer the day before the event and going over the list and showing them the locations will help them to provide you with better service.

Planning your destination wedding photography will take a little extra effort and planning. But, when you spend the time preparing and getting everything done ahead of time, you will have a more pleasant experience with your wedding photos. In addition, you will have time to add money to your photography budget and will not be alarmed when the costs of your professional services are increased.

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Wedding Favor Trends For Next Year

By Dan Mezalone

Planning on tying the knot this year? A new year means new ideas for wedding favors . This year promises to be full of both traditional and modern weddings, and ideas for wedding favors will be needed for both types. Knowing what's in style before you organize your wedding can help you choose the best favors for your wedding.

An old favorite, wedding box favors are making a comeback. Wedding box favors are versatile and inexpensive favors that work well for all types of weddings. Their gift-box appearance resembles a tiny present, which is exactly what they become when filled with candy or almonds.

Bigger than ever is the personalization of labels on bottles of water, wine, oil, and vinegar for a unusual wedding favor idea. Nothing makes a wedding favor more special and memorable than your wedding date or name on your guests' favors. These also are very useful wedding favors.

If alcohol is sure to be a part of your wedding reception, make sure your guests do not go home without their own individual shot glasses. Festive and conveniently priced, shot glasses make great keepsake wedding favors.

Nothing says elegance more than scented candles at a wedding. Send your guests home with refined wedding favors in the form of beautiful candles. Candlesticks in brass candle holders make a beautiful presentation on reception tables.

Great for preserving wedding memories are picture frames. Since standard size frames are often costly when many are purchased, wedding favor frames are smaller. Picture frame favors are encrusted with a variety of things such as seashells, autumn leaves, and flowers.

In recent years, mix CD's have burst onto the scene as a wedding favor. If you have a computer, a music collection, and a few blank compact disks, you can easily make these wedding favors from home. Hand out your favorite tunes, or get a feel for your guests' taste in music for a unique wedding favor idea.

If you plan to get married in the months of fall or winter, consider bags of coffee or tea for wedding favors. Put the bags in coffee mugs and you have a chic favor. These wedding favors are great because your guests will be able to brew up something delicious and remember how much fun they had at your wedding.

Stylish and classy, are toasting flutes for wedding favors. Look for these in sets of two for your guests to take home and use at their own discretion. Items that can be used long after your wedding are the best ideas as they are meaningful ways to thank your guests.

Whatever style of wedding you are planning to have, make sure you choose two or more wedding favors that match your decorations, colors, and other wedding supplies. Wedding favors are supposed to thank your guests for their attendance and support, and should be chosen with that in mind. Simply imagine what you would like to receive as a wedding favor, and you will be sure to choose the right ones.

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How To Create The Perfect Wedding Table Decorations

By Emily Tanner

When choosing your wedding table decorations and wedding accessories, it is worth taking the time to get the look right. You want your guests to be bowled over when they enter your reception room because your tables ooze stylish and coordinated design.

To ensure your tables ooze style, you need to go back to basics and create a mood board. This can be a scrap book, a corkboard or just a sheet of paper on which you record all your wedding style ideas. Make this your platform for swatches of bridesmaids dress material, wedding invitation samples, pictures of bouquets, colours you wish to incorporate and even words to describe the theme of your day; e.g. rural, rustic, casual or romantic, suave, decadent. Once you have started putting ideas to paper, some general trends should prevail which will provide the inspiration you require for creating wedding table decorations with impact.

The next point to consider is when and where your event will be taking place. If your event is taking place in a country pub in high summer, your inspiration can be taken from summer blooms, garden lanterns, bunting and gingham. Alternatively, if you are marrying in a stately home in the winter, your inspiration will be taken from regal gold tones, marble statues, cozy hearths and deep purple velvet. In order for your wedding accessories to coordinate successfully with your surroundings, you must consider the season and your venue carefully. If you are permitted, it might be worth taking a photograph of your venue and including it in your mood board.

Your ideas should be coming together nicely now, so you can start to consider which colour palette you should have. To achieve maximum impact, your table decorations, wedding favors and table accessories need to be in the right tone and shade. Having a spring wedding? Use the seasonal greens, soft pinks & bright daffodil yellows as your starting point. If your event is taking place in the summer, be inspired by hot tropical pinks and splashes of acid orange. Choose Christmas gold and red if marrying in the winter or cozy coppers, vibrant orange and chocolate browns if marrying in Autumn months.

Lastly, once you have completed your mood board it's time to start shopping! You will need to set one table up exactly as it will be on the wedding day to see how it is going to look. Remember to include place card holders, wedding favors, ribbon for napkin ties, ribbon swatches you may be using elsewhere, balloons, chair ties, table confetti or table gems, table trivia and other decorative items. It would also be worth purchasing just one or two blooms that will be used in your table centerpiece to give you an overall feel. This is a good time to take a picture too so that you can show your venue, planner or bridesmaids exactly how you want your tables set on the day.

We trust that this article has helped you appreciate the importance of wedding table decorations and has given you some ideas about how you can achieve stunning wedding reception tables. And remember to take your inspiration from your venue and the time of year to ensure you create the perfect wedding table decorations.

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Essential Wedding Supplies

By Angel A Wilson

The wedding day is one of the most awaited and memorable days in any couple's life. It may be the happiest day that you would want to cherish forever. This is when finally, you will be with the one you love. You would want this one special day to run smoothly and perfectly. In order to do so, everything should be planned carefully. A memorable wedding needs adequate time to plan, making sure all factors and elements are being considered. It includes your guests, your budget, the venue, bridal gown and tuxedos and the necessary wedding supplies.

These elements are like pieces in a puzzle. If you leave one out, the picture would not be completed. It is basically the same for your wedding. So, grab your pen and papers and list the wedding supplies that you will need for your special day.

A first wedding essential is your wedding invitation. Wedding invitation is your visual statement that you are getting married and you would want them to be there. Moreover, it tells you the formality and theme of the said occasion. The font, the style, the stationary that you used - all of these contributes to the message you would want to tell your guests. Keep in mind that it is a wedding etiquette that you give your guests printed invitations rather than inviting them through email, phone calls, text message or an e-card.

Guests Book- A guest book serves as your list of who were guests on your wedding day. It will be your guide when preparing your thank you cards, which is another important wedding supply. You can choose the traditional name - contact number, or you may add a little spice to it by personalizing it, and letting your guests sign their messages and wishes for you.

Table Decorations- You may coordinate with the reception venue to provide you the table linens, napkins and the decorations that suits your theme. There are also specialist companies who offer complete table dressing sets. Each set may include seating cards, party poppers, colored napkins and table confetti.

Fourth, the venue should look attractive to lift the mood of everyone. Your names and the date should be the main object of the design. You can also have your pictures displayed as it tells the story of your love. The place can be decorated with balloons or flowers. If it is during the evening, night lighting effects could greatly enhance the place.

Cake Boxes- Traditionally, guests are allowed to take a piece of cake with them so you might as well put cake boxes on your list. You can also send pieces of cake to those who were not able to make it to your wedding day.

Wedding Favors. Wedding favors are essentially important, for this is your way of saying thank you to your guests. There are basically three wedding favors you should prepare. The first two sets are for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You would want to show them your appreciation for taking care of you during the entire wedding stage , from the planning of the wedding ceremony itself. Also, you would want to give tokens to those who spent their time with you on this special day.

If you need help with the wedding supplies, you can always ask advice from a wedding specialist or a wedding planner. They can give you great ideas on how to make the occasion an exceptional one. If wedding planners are too costly for you, you can always check online. The Internet can provide you with the necessary information you need, from the list, designs, styles and prices.

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10 Tips For Giving Great Wedding Favors

By Aaron Hu

There are so many things to do when you are getting married. It can be overwhelming to even the most organized of brides. You have to set the date, secure where the wedding and the reception will be held, get your dress, pick the members of your parties, interview the photographer, caterer, and reception entertainment, and this is just the beginning to the almost endless list of responsibilities when planning your wedding. One part of your big day that a lot of brides sadly overlook, or wait till the last minute to think about, is the wedding guest favors and the wedding party favors. It is important that you show your thanks to each guest for coming and each member of your party for playing a role in your special day. Let us look at 10 great ideas for favors, 5 for your guests and 5 for the members of your party

You will first want to decide how you will give out your favors to your guests. Will they be unisex with each person getting one? Will you have different gifts for men and women, or will you give family favors? Here are 5 great ideas for favors. If you want to give each person the same gift, you will want something that both men and women will like. You could go with a nice metal bookmark. These can be inexpensive yet nice, and can include your name and wedding date. Candles are another favor that works well for men and women; try picking a scent or color that matches your wedding theme.

If you would like to give different favors to men and women you will want to make sure you have plenty of each on hand so that either sex doesn't end up with a favor for the opposite. Men will really like a bottle stopper for their fine wines and liquors. Woman will fall in love with miniature manicure sets. Lastly, if you would rather give a slightly larger favor, one per family, then I would suggest giving your guests a really nice set of glass or crystal coasters.

When you think about giving favors to your wedding party you want to make them a lot more personalized than the favors you give to the guests. Often it is really smart to give each person a different gift to suit his or her own personality. Here are 5 favors that your wedding party will thank you for. Let us start with the ladies. One of the best ideas I've come across, and one I used for my wedding, is to give each lady a piece of jewelry that she can wear during the wedding. It Could be a pretty bracelet, earrings, or a necklace. You just want to make sure you buy them something nice, not a piece that will turn green. Pearls are a great option for this. What about a monogrammed cosmetic or toiletry bag? What lady in your party wouldn't love her own special cosmetic or toiletry bag? Lastly for the ladies, a gift certificate to a local spa or salon would be a very nice way to say thanks. For the men I would highly recommend cufflinks, possibly something they can wear for the wedding. A gift that most men will love is monogrammed beer glasses.

It is important to remember that no matter how small or large your budget is, you need to give a favor in thanks to all who attend your wedding. Spending time picking out favors that will be liked by the guests shows that you really care about them and are truly happy they came to help you celebrate your new life.

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Planning The Wedding - Important Steps

By Adriana Noton

Everyone knows weddings are fun. And everyone who has ever helped to plan a wedding can attest to what kind of nightmares poor wedding plans can cause. But, planning the wedding doesn't need to become a nightmare if done properly.

Of course, trying to cram plans into a tiny time frame just doesn't work well. Arranging a reception for 200 people in two weeks is all but impossible if you expect all the bells and whistles to be perfectly in place. One of the most important factors, therefore, in planning any wedding is to make sure the time frame matches the type of wedding.

If you are hoping to get married in Paris, invite over 200 guests, and have your gown designed by Vera Wang, you're looking at more than a year, working every day on the details. If you are just hoping to have a few people meet you in Vegas so you can get married by Elvis, even a nice wedding can be arranged in a week.

One of the most time consuming aspects is choosing the dress. Women spend weeks and weeks looking for that perfect dress. If this isn't something you have time for, and perhaps aren't even interested in, rent one! This is a fast upcoming business aimed solely at women who realize how cost effective this is. One fitting, one payment, and you can wait till a week before the wedding. Bridesmaids? Have them do the same thing.

Delegation is the key to success, no matter what the size of the wedding is. Find friends and family whom you can trust, and have them manage one entire process from start to finish. Tell them exactly what you want and let them handle it. With smart phones that can handle video, photos, voice notes, web browsing, and text and messages, you can be kept up to date with what's happening.

If you happen to not be a fan of those old fashioned and boring and usually inedible sit down dinners, too often interrupted by photos and music and other distractions, save yourself a small fortune and opt for something much more fun and enjoyable. Wines, cheeses, sushi, finger sandwiches and dips can be much easier, and people can eat whenever they want. Cut down on liquor expenses by setting a cappuccino bar with pastries, too.

This is perfect for a late afternoon wedding, especially a less than formal event. Any of these choices can be quite elegant and very memorable.

Double check last minute details 48 hours ahead. If you are hiring a limo service, go over addresses, times, destinations, and pricing. Get cell phone numbers for the drivers if possible. If you are relying on friends and family, make certain that cars are equipped to handle the number of passengers assigned.

Finally, ask everyone to send gifts rather than bringing them to the reception. This way you won't need to rely on people to gather them and cart them to your home later on.

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Bridal Shower Favors Made By You

By Aaron Hu

It is very expensive to hold a perfect bridal shower, and to make sure that everything is good and beautiful. Wedding shower favors are an important part of this ceremony. If you do not want your budget to overrun, you have to come up with favor ideas that are cheap as well as thoughtful. This article lists some unique bridal shower favor ideas that would rock your party and make it a memorable one.

Manicure bags It is a simple and unique idea, and makes a great shower favor. You can buy a pretty sachet bag, and put a few manicure items in it. You can add tiny nail polish bottles in the bag. It is advisable to purchase nail polish of the same color as the theme of the shower. You can also add a small bottle of nail polish remover and emery board to each sachet. Add some cotton balls to the bag, and your cute bridal shower favor will be ready. This favor would not be heavy on your pocket, and would cost about $5 per guest. This is a unique idea and reflects your creativity and imagination.

Antique tea cups This is a great idea for bridal shower favors, because it gives the impression that you have spent a lot of money, while actually you have not! You can simply buy beautiful antique china cups at thrift stores and flea markets for about $1 or under! Generally these cups would be a bit dirty, or covered with dust. You can clean them by using mild detergent or mild bleach solution. You can shine them up by rubbing them with a cotton cloth. These will look like expensive antique teacups and add class to your bridal shower. To add more charm to the cups, you can place little bags of candy in the cups, or small bags of potpourri. You can also make them look cute, by attaching a name tag to the handle of the cup with a small string.

Picture frames: Picture frames are used to hold on to precious memories, and thus make excellent wedding shower favors. You can easily get pretty picture frames for $1. It is better to add your picture to the frame before giving. To make it more beautiful, you can give silver frames with black and white photographs, or golden frames with sepia photographs of the bride and groom. You can also attach a card with details such as names of the bride and groom, and wedding date etc. This is an excellent favor idea, as your guests can place this frame in their living room, and can always remember you.

Cool favors You can think outside the box and give untraditional bridal shower favors that your guests can really enjoy. For example, you can give them a gift certificate of a big store. Although this will not be easy on your pocketbook, your guests will definitely love this favor. They can shop at the store and buy just what they desire. Another different idea is to give them tickets to an amusement park. This will make a really cool shower idea that your guests will really enjoy.

These were a few of the bridal shower favor ideas that you can use and make your shower more special and more memorable, both for you and your guests.

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What Are The Most Well-Liked Types Of Wedding Cake Toppers?

By Candace Michaels

One of the biggest aspects to getting married is planning the entire wedding. There are many things that you will need to take care of and choosing your wedding cake is going to be one of them. One of the most important parts of the wedding cake is the cake topper. If you are not sure what you might like, take a look at these top wedding cake toppers as well as great tips on what to look for.

Your cake is going to be the core that everything will need to tie into. The cake topper that you initially choose will need to be a reflection on your style and the theme of the wedding. Due to the technology that we have today, there are plenty of great choices that you will have at your fingertips. The main thing that you need to do is take your time to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Those that are sticking to the traditional wedding will need to look at the traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers. The bride and groom will have the traditional dress and there are little features and poses that you can look for. The bride and groom can be dancing or even kissing on top of your cake!

There is always a reason standing behind why two people have chosen one another to spend their lives with. The things that the two of you have in common can easily be displayed on top of that wedding cake. You can choose items such as baseball themes, motorcycle themes or even classic cars!

Some couples even choose to take it one step further and make the entire top of the cake an adorable love scene. This of course can be created with the use to elaborately designed accessories that you can look into as well. These accessories will be found right where the other wedding cake toppers are found. For example you can make the top of the cake shine with edible glitter or gems!

Customized wedding cake toppers are all the rage for couples within the younger generation. This is where you can design the bride and groom to look exactly like the two of you or specialize colors and clothing. Take a look online and make sure that you have pictures and descriptions to provide to your online designer. This will allow you to get your topper just in the nick of time.

As you can see, you have plenty of options in terms of wedding cake toppers! This part of the wedding planning should be fairly simple and can be done over the internet with the right website. Take a look around today and start choosing the proper toppers and accessories for your cake!

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A Fresh Look for Your Wedding: Beach Flowers

By Chris Hwang

It doesn't matter whether you are planning a beach theme for your indoor ceremony or you are having an actual beach wedding, beach flowers are a must. You have endless types of flowers to choose from, and they come in colors, shapes and sizes to suit everyone's taste and budget. All you need to do is invest a little planning time, and you can treat yourself and your wedding guests to a beautiful display of flowers without spending more than you can afford.

Try these strategies and tips to create a beautiful floral beach theme without draining your bank account:

Decide which types of floral arrangements you want

First you need to decide the number and type of flower arrangements you need for your wedding. Beach ceremonies can include loads of flowers or none at all. Traditional weddings normally include the following: Floral arches, a wedding bouquet, a bouquet for the bride, a basket of flowers for the flower girl, corsages for the bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen, and floral arrangements for reception tables. Some couples include corsages or boutonnieres for close relatives who attend the wedding. Beach flowers are also often used to create an aisle or path leading to the ceremony.

Tip: You'll need fewer flowers for a beach wedding because you will be surrounded by the natural beauty of the setting. If you have a limited budget, you can get by with flowers for the bride and groom only. Replace the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere with colorful Hawaiian-style leis to enhance the beach theme.


The average couple spends $2000 for flowers for their wedding. Beach flowers don't need to cost that much, unless you choose to splurge.

Add up all the flower arrangements you need. Decide whether you want tropical flowers, non tropicals, or some of both. When you have this information you are ready to ask florists about their charges and you'll be able to pin down your budget.

Interview Potential Florists

Unless you have experience arranging flowers, this job is best left to the professionals. Ask wedding planners, hotels or other recently married couples in the area to recommend florists. Try to identify at least three potential florists. Meet with each florist in person. If this is not possible, interview them by telephone.

Tip: Ask each florist the questions below to narrow your search and identify the one that's perfect for your wedding:

What services do you provide for weddings? Do you include your design services in the flowers' cost? Have you designed floral arrangements specifically for beach weddings before? If so, can you show me some examples? Are there any additional charges on top of the cost of the flowers themselves, such as delivery or setup? How much lead time do you need for my order? Instead of an estimate, is a firm price quote possible?

Compare answers and quoted prices. Choose the florist who provides the most satisfactory answers to your questions AND offers a reasonable price in comparison to their competition.

Some other ideas to save money:

Buy flowers grown in the area

Stick with flowers that are indigenous to the area where you'll be getting married. Locally grown flowers do not have to be refrigerated and shipped which means that florists typically sell them for a lower price. This lets you achieve a sumptuous look for your wedding with a smaller budget.

Inform your florist about your wedding's color palate, including the color of your decorations, the bride's dress and the clothing the groom and the wedding party will wear. Your florist will be able to recommend local flowers that are ideal for your wedding theme.

Use your flowers twice

You can cut your floral costs by using the same flower arrangements at your reception as well as the ceremony. Some advance planning will let your florist or a few close friends quickly move the flowers from the ceremony's location to the site of your reception.

Use flowers that have strong, waxy blooms if you choose to use your flowers this way. Flowers like antherium, heliconia, calla lilies and orchids can withstand heat better and will continue to have a fresh appearance for the ceremony, the reception and a few days longer.

Plants and greenery can supplement blossoms

Because potted plants and local greenery are less expensive than cut flowers, instruct your florist to use them generously in your flower arrangements. Palm fronds, for example, are beautiful, readily available, and add a dramatic touch to your wedding. Beach flowers will cost even less if you can find some local greenery on your own.

You can also make your floral budget go further if you use potted plants such as smaller orchids, tillandsia and African violets and give them out to guests as wedding favors.

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New Wedding Decor Tips

By Judith J. Conway

The choice of weddings for different folks varies. While some people wish to have a gala affair, there are others who like to keep it simple and sweet with a normal venue and limited guests. Regardless of what type of wedding you plan for yourself, marriage decoration is something that you just can't miss out on.

Wedding decorations consist of decorations for the entire venue with keen attention to particular details, such as decoration of the entrance, the walkways, the tables, the walls, the ceilings, the food as well as the wedding favors. This decorating can involve a lot of effort, and while some people prefer to do them on their own to give them a personal touch, others like to have them done by professional decorators or expert wedding planners.

Whether you choose to take care of the wedding decor yourself or have a professional do it, make sure that your spouse to be approves of the decorations. Try to keep your wedding decoration as beautiful and elegant as possible. Stick to the premise of 'less is more'. Overboard wedding decorations do not help anyway, and can only be too distracting.

Many couples wish to decorate their wedding around a theme, such as a medieval wedding, a spring wedding, a Renaissance wedding, as per their categorical tastes and likings. Select your theme, and if you do not wish to opt for a particular theme, just select a specific color and do your wedding decorations using it.

To come to details, focus on the table and chair settings for the overall feel of the ambiance of the wedding. Go for the standard, simple look and use colored tablecloths. Use a spread of table centerpieces, such as flower bouquets, enormous sandstones or small pebbles immersed in water. Put covers on chairs and tie them at the back to make them look lovely. Also, take proper care of the lighting agreements as they can transform the locale into a magical place. Other important elements can include smart curtains, water fountains and potted plants. Balloons can also add a touch of fun to the celebrations, especially those floating from the ceilings. In addition, ribbons trailing down can add to the special effects.

The wedding Decoration top priority, however, should be in reflecting the motive of the event, in this case, the union of the lovers. You should ensure that it does so. If you cannot find any specific accessories which focus solely on the love quotient, do not be concerned. At the end of the day, it's going to be the special glitter in your eyes which will tell the world what you feel and why you're there.

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3 Mishaps and Derek to My Rescue

By Aaron Hu

Sometimes I wonder just how I am ever going to get through all of our wedding preparations let alone our actual wedding day. The last several days it seems like most everything I do or our wedding planner does slides down the slippery slope and causes us more and more frustration and re-doing. I keep asking myself, "why me ..." over and over ... and guess what ... I don't have an answer.

Our wedding planner was constantly telling me not to worry. It will all work out, you'll see. Well, how can you tell a bride-in-waiting not to worry. Worrying is probably inherent in all engaged women. I can't speak for their male counterparts, but for us ... take it from me ... it's in our nature. There's no escaping it. The good news about it though is that with all the second guessing, questioning, complications, and on and on ... we manage and usually do so very well in the end. I think more often than not we subconsciously create some of our own obstacles maybe out of fear, uncertainty ... all that and then some. And why not, we are planning, be it with or without a professional planner, the most glorious day of our life and the future it holds for us.

Worry ... why should I be worried if the printer made a typo on our invitations? Not just any forgivable typo ... they put in the wrong day. Why should I be worried if the caterer we hired sent me a suggested menu that was anything but what we had discussed when we met? Why should I be worried if my wedding dress, which I had designed, would only be finished the day before my wedding? And that is only one day's worth of "don't worry" slip-ups. Was I being too testy, too tightly wound, just too too? I needed a truly good bar of rich truffeled chocolate; and that was another thing the caterer neglected to put on the desert menu ... lightly whipped chocolate parfait with ever-so tiny bits of chocolate and nougat with a sprinkling of crushed walnuts.

Fortunately the doorbell rang and I got distracted from my worry thoughts. It was Derek, my fiance. He knew every nuanced look on my face and knew what to do about it. His eyes twinkled, he smiled slightly, and I simply melted into his open arms. I silently prayed that this was what it would always be like, especially when I felt like I was floundering and momentarily insecure.

We went into the family room, sat down, and I started rambling on about what was happening. He listened patiently; made himself look concerned, sighed with me, held my hand, and stoically let me rant on until I ran out of breath. Gradually we talked about all the mishaps of my day, and he finessed his reasoning as to how I might/should deal with what happened and how he knew I could and would take advantage of the mistakes and make them work in my favor.

He was right, of course. I wasn't thrilled with the print style of the invitation so it was the perfect opportunity to have it changed. I had thought about some changes in the menu but didn't want the caterer to think I was being indecisive and constantly nagging him. Now I could with subtlety and right on my side, tell him that I wanted a somewhat new menu. And my dress ... I decided I wanted a sheer veil with baby pearls so that would justify the emotional delay for me.

I felt better. And on top of all that, I finally thought of the wedding favors I would have. They would be fun and unique ones. I was going to have a one and a half inch parfait glass filled with baby glass pearls for the women and an equal sized satin top hat and slightly smaller glass cane attached to it for the men. Different, don't you think?

I was getting over the stress of the day, and I would sleep well tonight, thanks to Derek and my creative thinking.

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Wedding Venues in New York

By Jackie McConner

It has been an established fact that weddings are among the most important events in a person's life. Because of this, it is understandable why people exert their effort in order to find the finest wedding venue. A lot of choices are presented in terms of these venues such as wedding venues NYC. The positive news about these wedding venues NYC is that there are a number of them that would be of considerable interest to clients.

The Broad Street Ballroom is one of the options offered by wedding venues NYC. Found right at the heart of New York's business district, it is considered ideal for any kind of event. It can handle 300 to 600 persons and offers high quality sound systems that are perfect for the wedding event especially if there are lots of guests.

The Puck Building is another wedding venues NYC. It offers a huge space which has two ball rooms, the first being the Grand Ballroom which can accommodate about a thousand guests. The other room is called the Skylight Room which can manage 250 guests and has open interiors.

The Central Park Boathouse is a very relaxing place where a couple can hold their wedding. This venue will give the couple and the guests a place where they can look at the Central Park Lake together, and even take advantage of the Loeb Boathouse Restaurant where they can do cocktail receptions that can accommodate up to 60 guests.

The 21 Club is another of the wedding venues NYC options which offers ten dining rooms which can welcome around 400 people with an elegant townhouse setting. It has a Secret Wine Cellar Room which is a well-sought after place by many for dining events.

And if you want to have a different themed wedding, you may want to ask the buildings if they can offer you their rooftop in order to do your rooftop wedding New York. A lot of these venues know that you may want to have a unique wedding, so they may allow you to hold your rooftop wedding New York.

The good thing about a rooftop wedding New York is that you can do a lot of things in terms of holding your wedding, such as getting a food theme together with the sound that you like. What you need to do are to chose the things that you would like to make your wedding enjoyable.

So if you would like to have a rooftop wedding New York, or any other theme for that matter, there is a venue suitable for you. You just have to come up with the theme of your interest to get the perfect venue for you.

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Well Known Designer Wedding Shoes

By Danny Ricks

As a bride, you want all elements of your wedding to be at their best. From the wedding dress and accessories down to the bridal shoes, everything should be perfect. In choosing the perfect pair of shoes, there are several things you need to consider, comfort being the most critical element, and of course, the style matters. It is what people see and definitely notice. And if you are one of those brides who are willing to spend more just to have the best in the world, you may want to wear designer wedding shoes to match your perfectly made wedding dress.

Designer wedding shoes are considered the cream of the crop of all bridal shoes. They are basically the most unique, beautiful and stylish wedding shoes created by famous and talented designers. They are relatively costly as compared to others. Among these designer wedding shoes, there are some that are really expensive and some are quite reasonable. Some of the top picks are listed below.

Diane Hassall Wedding Shoes. This collection of bridal shoes are skillfully handcrafted using genuine silks and soft leather. Diane Hassall takes comfort passionately, making sure that all of her designed wedding shoes are comfortable. Aside from the expensive materials used, what makes them more special is that each pair is created with such attention to details, making them some of the most exquisite wedding shoes out there.

Benjamin Adams Wedding Shoes. This collection of shoes is known for using white sequins and sparkling Swarovki crystals. These ornaments are carefully crafted in classic ivory satin to produce delicate, luxurious design. Benjamin Adams also uses high quality soft leather to give the bride the best comfort she deserves.

Liz Rene Wedding Shoes. Not all designer wedding shoes should be expensive. There are those that you can buy at a reasonable price, one of which is the bridal shoe collection of Liz Rene. The shoes are made form dyeable silk satin, and pure leather soles to ensure comfort. Each shoe is delicately designed, giving it a stylish and luxurious look.

Else Wedding Shoes. The Else Wedding Shoes are elegantly designed especially for the young at heart bride. Its contemporary designs range from embellished sandals, high platform sandals and peep to t-bars. Else Wedding Shoes offers high quality elegance at an affordable price.

Kate Spade Designer Bridal Shoes. Kate Spade is well-known for endless and everlasting design. These bridal shoes are made in Italy, and are created using silk satin that comes in traditional white or any other color. What makes them popular to most brides is the uniqueness of designs and styles.

Diane Lynn Designer Wedding Shoes. Made from genuine pure silk satin and soft leather, this shoe collection is elegantly designed using several luxurious ornaments. This includes jewels, beaded straps and even rhinestones. Each piece of these luxurious accessories are delicately placed to make beautifully crafted shoes.

Stuart Weitzman Wedding Shoes. Stuart Weitzman is one of the most popular designers of bridal shoes because of fine classic, yet bold designs. With various styles that range from high platforms to classy peep toe, it is not difficult to find that most suitable pair of shoes.

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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

By Keith Banks

There is a tradition in which bridesmaids remain with the bride to help her. They help her to make the wedding day a perfect day. Bridesmaids play the role of friends, confidants, advisers and cake tasters throughout the months leading up to the wedding day.

They assist the bride with every task up to the bouquet toss where the new Mr. and Mrs. Bid farewell. At the time of the wedding, it is proper to say thank you to the bridesmaids in appreciation of their help. Because of this, they get different beautiful gifts.

You can opt for two types of gifts; traditional gifts and non-traditional gifts. You can opt to monogram the names of the bridesmaids on the accessory like necklace, purse, etc. You can also monogram the initial letter of the name of the bridesmaids. Handmade items are also nice gifts. A knitted scarf or a blanket is a good option. You can also give high quality wine bottles or lotions and other makeup accessories.

A pearl necklace or bracelet is also a good option. You can give a good jewelry piece which the bridesmaid can wear at the time of wedding. A photo frame is also a beautiful gift which you can give after the wedding with the picture of the bride with the bridesmaids. It makes and elegant reminder of the distinctive day.

Also a concert ticket or a sport event ticket is a good option. You can also give a drama ticket or a ballet show ticket. Check for the gifts on the internet. Check on Google about the sites that work in this field. These sites can give you many different ideas. You can also select the gifts by categories like Jewelry, cameras, table decorations, etc.

Also if you shop from the internet for the bridesmaids gifts, you will get it at your doorsteps. So just search and find the site and just by a click of your mouse, you will get the product at your home in just 24 hours. Not only this, you will also get great discounts. These discounts are more than the market discounts and the quality is also good.

Here are some ideas of the different gifts that you can give to bridesmaids. Breast cancer ribbon merchandise, monogrammed acrylic merchandise, business card cases and business card holders, desk accessories, bridal hair pins and hair combs, bridesmaids leather gifts, key chains and key rings, picture frames and photo albums, jewelry boxes, compact mirrors, personalized compact mirror, embroidered and personalized gifts, fashion designer handbags, celebrity inspired bags, bridal handbags and evening purses, sterling gifts, maid of honor gifts, personalizes cosmetic bags, etc.

A token of thanks is the greatest gift and appreciation that you can give to the bridesmaids. The latest trend of the gifts for bridesmaids is the bridesmaids' gown. Choose a dress that is both beautiful and fits your budget.

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Your Wedding Jewellery: Baffled By The Choices?

By Lisa Matthews

If you have never been married or been part of a wedding, you may not realize that the wedding dress and accessories are one of the most vital elements of the bride's big day. If you think your prom dress was a big deal, just wait until you start looking for your wedding dress! Only then will you fully comprehend its significance.

Once you do have a wedding dress, you need wedding jewelry which can include a necklace, earrings, bracelet and maybe even hair jewelry. The jewelry you pick for your big day is mostly determined by your personal preferences.

If you like to stick with traditional jewelry, you will be looking more at pearls or precious gemstones. Some women like to go with simple gold or silver chains, but there are so many options to consider if you want to look your very best on your wedding day.

Your choice of jewelry should not take away from your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is quite fancy with rhinestones or pearls, either mixed through, all over or around the neckline, it is recommended that you do not wear a necklace at all since it can appear overcomplicated and detract from your dress. Some families have traditions where the jewelry pieces that the bride wears are heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. This may mean that you match your wedding dress to your jewelry. Experts recommend that you do not choose dark gemstones or pearls as they are overpowering. Going with blue topaz, diamonds and lighter colored gems are usually the better choice

There are also ways to make sure the neck piece you wear complements the neckline of your wedding dress. For instance, a choker or a nice drop pendant necklace would complement a sweetheart neckline, whereas a square neckline can be complemented by a single or double strand necklace. Naturally, the rest of your wedding jewelry and bridal accessories should match your necklace.

Keep in mind the hardest thing to do is to find jewelry that becomes the focal point of your whole look, but at the same time does not overpower or take anything away from your wedding dress.

Finally, if you are not sure, It may help if you do some research and pick the brains of wedding attire and accessories experts.

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Beach Wedding: Beach Centerpieces Ideas

By Sky Seuring

You want your beach wedding ceremony and reception to be a picture-perfect event where your family and friends come together to share your new-found joy.

It is essential to choose the right centerpieces since these will serve as the focal point of tables at your wedding. Beach centerpieces should be striking and natural-looking. They should blend seamlessly with the beach theme.

The four primary ingredients of wedding beach centerpieces are sand, glass, sea shells and flowers. These ingredients can be easily interchanged allowing for almost infinite centerpiece designs that are dazzling as well as practical.

Here are a few tips on how to create eye-catching centerpieces.

Candles in Vases: This is the easiest design to make. Your starting point is a small transparent glass vase of the type sometimes used to protect candles from the wind. Fill the vase about one-third full with white sand, then put a candle on top of the sand. Put flower leis and sea shells around the vase and light the candle. The result is an easy but classic centerpiece for the tables at your wedding. Beach centerpieces of this type are inexpensive and fun to create, and they're pleasing to the eye.

Tropical Flowers: To create a centerpiece that blends perfectly with beach surroundings, choose a larger vase heavily textured with a sandy, rocky surface. Balance the muted tone of the vase by filling it with zesty red antherium, hibiscus and birds of paradise flowers. Surround the flowers with palm or banana leaves. Add a few large shells and you have an elegant, "beachy" centerpiece to complement your reception.

Beach Buckets: For a less formal, more playful centerpiece, find some small, brightly colored sand buckets of the kind that are designed for toddlers to play with. Arrange a small amount of sand on a table and place one of the buckets into the sand. Fill it about one-quarter of the way up with sand. Set a small votive candle into the sand in the bucket. Arrange starfish, sea shells, sand dollars and seahorses around the outside of the bucket. Light the candle and you will have a stunning beach wedding centerpiece that was easy to make. You can even add a further playful little touch by placing a few miniature rakes on the table. Your guests can then have their own serene little Zen garden.

Dos and Dont's: Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind if guests will remain outdoors for the reception as well as the wedding: Beach sun can quickly wilt flowers on a hot summer day and gentle trade winds can sometimes become wild gusts that can extinguish your candles at the most inopportune moment.

Fortunately, you can avoid this with some planning. If your centerpieces use candles, ensure that they are well shielded. You can use something as simple as a glass to serve this purpose.

Pick flowers that are able to withstand direct sunlight and high heat. Antherium, ginger, bird of paradise and calla lilies are good choices. An experienced florist should be able to assist you in achieving the perfect balance between longevity and beauty.

Don't buy any flowers until you tell your florist you plan to use them on an outdoor wedding beach. Ask your florist to give you one flower so you can test it. Put it in a vase and place it near the planned location of the reception. Keep an eye on it for several hours to see how well it does in the sun and heat.

By using sand, glass, and sea shells with the best flowers, you will be able to create beautiful and expressive table decorations for your wedding. Beach centerpieces should be both fun and economical.

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Different UK Wedding Venues For Your Wedding

By Janet Smith

No matter what type of wedding you are interested in having, there are UK wedding venues to fit your needs. Your wedding is a special occasion and one that you want to be special and memorable. There are wedding venues that range from beaches to luxurious castles. You can enjoy a small wedding at home or in intimate settings or go big and grand with a destination wedding.

It is possible to get married at a film studio or location that has been featured in a film. It is possible to have a wedding of any style, and you can enjoy a romantic wedding on the site of a romantic comedy, or have a thrilling wedding at the site of a horror film. The choice is yours.

One of the most popular film locations is Wilton's music hall. This hall was featured in several films including Tipping the Velvet, Interview with a Vampire and Delovely. With many film studios in the UK you should have several choices.

You can also be married in a historical place, as the UK is abound with history in Wales, England and Scotland. Most large estates, castles and mansions in the UK that are public are licensed for civil ceremonies and weddings. Some such UK wedding venues include Albury Park Mansion, Craig y Nos Castle Hotel, Notley Abbey, Ufton Court and many more.

Some couples may wish to have their wedding and reception at a famous spot in the UK. Two such places are Altitude 360 in London and the Pump Rooms and Roman Baths. The Baths are the only natural hot spring in the UK and they are over 2, 000 years old. You can enjoy cocktails in the Roman Baths and then proceed to the Pump room for your reception. Altitude 360 is in the Millbank tower on the 29th floor.

Many of the older homes and sites in the UK are also haunted and many couples plan their wedding around a haunted venue. You can also go very spooky with a haunted castle that has a moat and bailey. One of the most haunted homes in the UK has recently been restored, Boys Hall. This home has a license for weddings and is a very original wedding spot.

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Wedding Arrangement For The Maid Of Admiration

By Robert Friend
The wedding day is commonly referred to as the day of the bride. The story behind this reference develops from a woman's childhood imaginings of the perfected wedding image. In order to achieve this day of perfection it is necessary that the bride have a supporting cast that will assist her during her many times of need.

The Maid of Honor often represents the leading individual found in these supporting wedding parties. It is an honor to be deemed the Maid of Honor and a right of responsibility accompanies the received position.The Maid of Honor is the support pillar for the bride during this time of great stress. When the bride needs to vent she turns towards the Maid of Honor, when she needs emotional support the Maid of Honor is there, and when she needs advice the Maid of Honor knows the Bride best.

The Maid of Honor plays a pivotal role in the events pertaining to a wedding and wedding preparation.The Maid of Honor represents a free wedding planner during the wedding preparation phase of a wedding. When coming to the decisions about wedding preparation it is not uncommon to see both the Best man and Maid of Honor involved in the process. The Maid of Honor represents an individual who has the brides best interests in mind when supporting the wedding preparation decisions the bride makes. The Maid of Honor also represents a buffer between the groom and bride when wedding preparation decision become heated. When issues over budget occur a bride is more open to hearing the opinions of her Maid of Honor over the opinions of a male pushing the issues of cost management. The Maid of Honor is also often the individual that knows the marrying couple best so she has a unique insight into the preferences of the couple. In the process of wedding preparation the Maid of Honor represents the best free wedding planner a couple could ever have.

Another event that the Maid of Honor has the pleasure of planning is the bridal shower. Depending on the various tastes that appeal to the bride the bridal showers often vary greatly from party to party. For the Maid of Honor it is important to incorporate the likes of the bride when she makes the move into wedding preparation of the bridal shower. On many occasions these parties do not go as planned when it starts to appear that the party was designed around the preferences of the Maid of Honor and not the bride.

The bridal shower is an opportunity of freedom for the bride where she enjoys the events planned by the Maid of Honor and strips away the stress that have been building from the wedding preparation. For the Maid of Honor this part of wedding preparation represents her chance to relieve the stresses of the bride and help reset her wedding stress clock. Picking out the right Maid of Honor is an essential task for the bride and groom due to the responsibilities this individual will undertake
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Personalised Wedding Favours

By Emily Tanner

If you really are in desperate need to set your wedding apart from all the others, we suggest you opt for personalized wedding favours. With so many weddings to attend each year, it's every bride's nightmare choosing a perfect wedding favour for her event. Personalized wedding favours are so special because they really bring a sense of the couple to the favours, not to mention them being completely pertinent to those who are tying the knot. By giving personalized wedding favours, you will make your guests feel that they have been really spoiled, and they will be sharing a real sense of your occasion.

It is commonly believed myth that personalized wedding favours are costly. Depending on your choice of wedding favours, there is no ceiling on what you can spend, but for many of us, the value for your money is key. Edible favours, such as personalized mint tins or personalized chocolate bars, remain an economic yet practical choice and are widely regarded as the 'best wedding favours' on the market. This is probably due to the fact that guests savor their gift due to it's delicious taste, and feel privileged that their hosts have gone to so much trouble to have their names printed on each bar or tin.

If you are really trying to be different and you feel that a chocolate bar or a personalized mint tin is not different enough for your wedding, have you thought about giving guests personalized tea bags or seed-kits? It can be difficult catering for every guest, especially when many people have food allergies, making personalized tea bags a great alternative to a traditional personalized wedding favour. A great alternative favour, especially for those who are concerned about their environment, is the personalized seed-kit. These unusual favours are a great way to get your guests chatting amongst themselves!

Perhaps money is no object and you wish to give alternative personalized wedding favours with a more luxurious feel. If you are lucky enough to have a larger budget or believe favours to be central to your table decor, how about choosing personalized fabric hearts, or have silverware engraved for your guests? Embroidered hearts make fantastic personalized wedding favours as do silver items which can be engraved with special sentiments. Luxurious favours are also a great choice for brides with smaller guest lists.

So, hopefully this has provided even the most fussy of brides with some tangible ideas for choosing personalized wedding favours with impact.

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Taking Pictures of an Outdoor Wedding

By Quinton Grant

Wedding pictures are meant to last if not a lifetime, at least almost. Taking pictures is an art and needs to be done in a passionate manner just like other artistic expressions. The quality of pictures depends on the kind of materials used in developing the pictures, as well as the ability of the photographer in taking the shot.

Outdoor wedding are a great choice, especially during the great times of the year when the flowers bloom and the sun shines. An outdoor wedding creates a natural effect and it harmonizes with your feelings. But when deciding on an outdoor wedding you should consider some factors that may affect your pictures. And here are some of them:

Windy Wedding Day

The situation happens like a funny video from youtube. The bride's trail, veil, and hair were being swept by the wind. The bride loses her poise because she just keep on putting them back on. And in a situation like this, as you do not want to lose control, you have to stay calm and smile for the picture. In this situation, a professional photographer knows how to make a nice picture out of this situation. It may even be considered an added effect when done professionally.

Leaves Flying

It may accidentally happen that because of the strong wind, things may be flying around and may fall right to your face. A professional photographer can make best shots even with this situation.

Too Bright Sunshine

You decided to marry outdoors because the forecast says it will be sunny on your wedding day. On your wedding day the forecast was correct, it is sunny but it was not specific, it was too hot. Given this situation, you still have to be composed and looks beautiful. A good photographer knows what to do in this situation, he knows how to blend the hues and brightness of the colors to make you look better on a hot sunny day.

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and you can make it even lasting when you choose the best photography for your wedding day. Remember that the brain has the ability to remember events and details but pictures will not. Your wedding pictures will tell everyone about how happy and beautiful you were on your wedding day.

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Arranging A Honeymoon

By Margaret Thatcher

Your honeymoon should be a special time of relaxation and bonding. Yet, failing to appropriately plan it can result in it being frustrating and stressful. Here is some advice to ensure that your honeymoon goes as smoothly as possible.

The most important thing to do is to discuss with your fiance each others preferences in relation to the honeymoon. You should not presume that you already know the type of honeymoon he/she would prefer. Discuss thoroughly location, budget, duration and accommodation. Each of you should first create your own list of preferences and then you should make a comparison to find areas that you have in common.

Travel agents can be of great assistance with the planning of a honeymoon, and can advise you based on each of your preferences. Honeymoons are a type of vacation in which travel agents still receive a commission on booking, meaning that they will normally go out of their way to help you.

After you have consulted with a travel agent and have an idea of the likely cost, create a savings plan and begin setting money aside for it each week. You could additionally ask the travel agent if they offer a honeymoon registry, which gives guests the option to contribute to your honeymoon costs.

Try to prepay as much beforehand as possible. Incidental expenses such as tips and souvenirs, are of little concern, however, if you neglect to allocate money for extra luggage, car rental or day trips, you can easily find yourselves worrying about money when away.

Once you have budgeted your money and booked, the last thing to do is pack. Do this well in advance as it will be something less to concern yourself with in the hectic approach to your wedding. If you leave it until the last minute, the more chance there is of you leaving something behind.

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Helpful Hints For Your Wedding Day

By Darren Ackers

The time has come. All the detailed and intricate planning begins to ensure your big day is special and everyone will remember this event for the remainder of their life.

Remember to always try to book your wedding at least 12 months in advance.

Select at least two dates with the Church and have your name penciled in. It gives you some lead way when visiting caterers. When selecting your date, remember the months of May, June, August, September, and October are the most popular.

Decide early on the number of guests to invite and agree to your budget with your partner and parents.

Most Caterers require a 125 guest guarantee for a Saturday Night reception, so invite a little more. One rule of thumb is you will have a 10% to 15% decline in your guest list. Let your Caterer know the budget you have for your reception, so they can show you a package designed to best meet your needs and budget. Decide on the type of food you want. Think and write down various options.

Don't forget the vegetarian option. Buffets and Food Stations are thought to be less expensive then a Sit Down Dinner but are not always. You are offering your guests a variety of entrees to have and an all you can eat situation. A good Caterer will use the same number of table staff plus Buffet or Station servers.

Decide carefully if you are considering a Buffet. It will take much longer to serve your guests than a sit down dinner, and a Four Hour Reception may not afford enough time to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Unless you are doing everything from scratch, the full Catering Facilities today are beautiful and only need the addition of floral centerpieces to adorn the tables. Most Caterers offer a wide selection of Linen colours to choose from. Some caterers will also offer wedding chair covers for hire.

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Celtic Wedding Rings For Perfect Marriage

By Leigh Campbell
Celtic wedding rings are now becoming popular among many couples in this generation. Most of the young professionals prefer to have this kind of ring to seal their wedding vows for many reasons. Even those who are not so familiar with the Celt culture still love to have this kind of wedding ring for the luck it is believed to bring to the couples wearing them.

This is why this particular kind of wedding ring is now gaining more and more popularity, not only among the Celts, but also among different races around the globe. Even if Celtic wedding rings have their original beginnings in Ireland, they have now penetrated many markets from other parts of the world. It has now its own share of the market in its genre.

More and more couples are enticed to seal their wedding vows with them because of the fact that they are now often viewed as the symbol of everlasting harmony between couples. This is signified specifically by the knot design of these rings. Among those that entice most often are the luck and fortune that Celtic wedding rings are believed to bring.

The intricate design of claddagh rings in particular, is what makes them sought after by many, for the fact that they are believed to bring success to marriage. This is why more and more couples prefer to seal their wedding vows with this kind of ring, hoping it will bring them the luck and blessings it is believed to bring. These kinds of rings are believed to bring not only good fortune, but also long lasting love to the couple wearing it.

This kind of wedding ring is now just a click away with the advent of modern technology brought along with it. This is why it is so easy to find them now that they are gaining more popularity.

But you have to be extra cautious in purchasing this ring online.You can be sure of having the authentic pieces of this kind of ring, if you properly scrutinize the online vendor where you shall purchase it. You need to ensure that it is the one that is legally authorized to sell genuine Celtic jewelry. When shopping for this ring online, you need to make sure they have only genuine pieces.

Authentic Celtic wedding rings are indeed expensive, but you surely get your money's worth for their superb quality. But you need not have to worry if you are on a tight budget. You can still have this kind of wedding ring at a much lesser cost from those who are selling it for big discounts.

For certain you can also find many synthetic types of these rings which are also very affordable. Well, it might not be an authentic one but definitely looks as good and as nicely crafted as the original pieces. It is advised that you do not have to lose all your fortune just to have Celtic wedding rings.
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Finding Sweet Success In Caterers Colchester

By David Samuels

Sweet Success in caterers Colchester is a small family company that serves the Colchester area around it's location. They cater funerals, business lunches, weddings and parties. They bring a sense of quality and dedication to excellence that attracts many customers each and every year.

They're a family business located in the Colchester area and they cater to a wide variety of special events. They can deliver a buffet to your home, or a luncheon to your business, or even a full service catering job for your wedding. No matter what the need, they can supply the goods, and with good dependable success.

You can also find your own success by taking advantage of some of the self-catering cottages available in Colchester. This town is one of the oldest Roman towns recorded in the country of England. It offers interactive displays for tourists to get involved with the local flavor with costumes and hats.

While caterers Colchester has a cuisine that's delectable in all areas of foods, one of the most popular catered affairs in Colchester are their pig roasts. They say, You provide the pig, we'll provide the rest. They'll come to the location of your pig roast and cook the pig and cater the rest of your wedding or special occasion.

From the flower arrangements to the table settings, they know their business. Memories are made of these beautifully catered events. They can provide you with whatever is necessary for your affair to be a success, right down to bringing tents and lights.

Sweet Success is only one of the caterers in Colchester amidst thousands. But they stand out in their ability to bring the best to their customers. Their reputation has grown with each passing year as the word gets out about the top professional job they do. If you need catering, and you're in Colchester, then it would pay you to have a look at Sweet Success.

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