How To Plan Music For A Catholic Wedding

By Sheila Dollarsby

If 2010 is your year to get married, meaning that you have officially been proposed to already, then congratulations. But now the clock is ticking until the date of your wedding which means there isn't a moment to spare. If you are having a Catholic ceremony, you really don't have time; the music planning alone is confusing enough. So here is a little help.

To begin with, you will want to have music playing as guests are being seated. Classical music fits appropriately at this time. If you are having live music, then just let the musicians know what it is that you want , i.e. traditional, classical wedding music. If you are not hiring musicians, then buy a CD from your local music store that says classical and wedding music on it. Song suggestions include: "Trumpet Voluntary", "The Four Seasons", and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring".

Next, you should choose the song that you are going to march down the aisle to. This song should be a religious song, although some priests will allow you to get away with a secular song. Check with the priest first though! "Here Comes The Bride" is a common choice, but its context should be considered before a choice is officially made.

The next song on the list is the song that is played during the lighting of the unity candle. You will want a song here that focuses on the two becoming one. The song "Flesh of My Flesh" is commonly used at this point, although other songs with similar meaning can be played. If you have opted to have a wedding ceremony and not a full mass, then you will only have to choose one additional song, the closing hymn, or the song you will march out to. "The Wedding March" is popular and always appropriate here. However, if you are having a full mass, then you will need to read on.

The offertory hymn is the next song in line at a Catholic wedding if you are having a full mass. This is also known as the time when the gifts are brought forth to the altar. "The Prayer" as performed by Celine Dion is a beautiful song for the occasion. You can check with your priest for other suggestions or use and instrumental song at this point.

Celebrating the Eucharist comes next in the order of the mass and so a song should be chosen. Popular communion hymns include, "Taste and See", "Gift of Finest Wheat", and "Let Us Break Bread Together". If you reference the hymnal at your church, you will also be able to find a number of other songs that are plausible.

If you want, you can also have a special song sung after Communion. This would be known as the meditation hymn. It is completely optional and can be skipped if no song selection can be made. Just remember that you need to ask your priest about all musical selections before making final decisions.

As mentioned above you can opt to end with "The Wedding March". Planning music for you Catholic wedding can be simple and easy. The most important thing is that you understand what your priest will or will not allow and make adjustments as necessary. Most importantly though, plan early!

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