10 Essential Wedding Shots

By Hilary Thomas

Months or even years of preparation sums up your wedding ceremony. It is natural that you'll want to make sure your photographer captures those essential details you worked so hard on. The quick and sure solution to this is to create a list of shots that you want to take on that day. Setting up the list of not only where to take the shots, but also the different combinations of who should be in the shots is a smart step. Make sure you discuss your expectations with your wedding photographer ahead of time for better results.

Below are the top 10 "must have" shots for a wedding ceremony.

1. The person picked to give away the bride, or the father accompanying the bride

2. Prior to the ceremony, the bridesmaids, father, and the bride

3. The bride walking up the aisle with the relative giving her away.

4. The first time the Bride and Groom are together.

5. Husband and Wife's first kiss

6. The register being signed by the Bride and Groom.

7. The happy couple, just married, walking back down the aisle.

8. A full length pose of the Bride and Groom

9. Happy couple with their parents

10. The cake being cut by the Bride and Groom

Three helpful tips:

1. Arranging photography equipment: Make sure to have your camera checked so you can be sure it is in good working condition. Be prepared with more cameras you can use just in case they are needed.

2. Batteries: Have they been charged? Do you have a few extra sets for backup? There is a possibility they might be needed. Well, maybe not, but just imagine having the batteries peter out during the first dance!

3. Photo recording media (digital memory or film): Don't skimp on recording media (whether memory cards or film); it doesn't cost that much, and you will have extra money to spend if you're not engaging a professional photographer. The same principle applies to memory/film; what if you get ready to take the picture of an unforgettable moment, and you find....

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