Wedding Favor Trends For Next Year

By Dan Mezalone

Planning on tying the knot this year? A new year means new ideas for wedding favors . This year promises to be full of both traditional and modern weddings, and ideas for wedding favors will be needed for both types. Knowing what's in style before you organize your wedding can help you choose the best favors for your wedding.

An old favorite, wedding box favors are making a comeback. Wedding box favors are versatile and inexpensive favors that work well for all types of weddings. Their gift-box appearance resembles a tiny present, which is exactly what they become when filled with candy or almonds.

Bigger than ever is the personalization of labels on bottles of water, wine, oil, and vinegar for a unusual wedding favor idea. Nothing makes a wedding favor more special and memorable than your wedding date or name on your guests' favors. These also are very useful wedding favors.

If alcohol is sure to be a part of your wedding reception, make sure your guests do not go home without their own individual shot glasses. Festive and conveniently priced, shot glasses make great keepsake wedding favors.

Nothing says elegance more than scented candles at a wedding. Send your guests home with refined wedding favors in the form of beautiful candles. Candlesticks in brass candle holders make a beautiful presentation on reception tables.

Great for preserving wedding memories are picture frames. Since standard size frames are often costly when many are purchased, wedding favor frames are smaller. Picture frame favors are encrusted with a variety of things such as seashells, autumn leaves, and flowers.

In recent years, mix CD's have burst onto the scene as a wedding favor. If you have a computer, a music collection, and a few blank compact disks, you can easily make these wedding favors from home. Hand out your favorite tunes, or get a feel for your guests' taste in music for a unique wedding favor idea.

If you plan to get married in the months of fall or winter, consider bags of coffee or tea for wedding favors. Put the bags in coffee mugs and you have a chic favor. These wedding favors are great because your guests will be able to brew up something delicious and remember how much fun they had at your wedding.

Stylish and classy, are toasting flutes for wedding favors. Look for these in sets of two for your guests to take home and use at their own discretion. Items that can be used long after your wedding are the best ideas as they are meaningful ways to thank your guests.

Whatever style of wedding you are planning to have, make sure you choose two or more wedding favors that match your decorations, colors, and other wedding supplies. Wedding favors are supposed to thank your guests for their attendance and support, and should be chosen with that in mind. Simply imagine what you would like to receive as a wedding favor, and you will be sure to choose the right ones.

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