Unique Marriage Proposals - 7 Ideas For Your Proposal

By Charlie D Jackson

I'm glad its unique marriage proposals you want and not copied ones. You won't mind me saying that the best marriage proposals are ones that are personal to your own relationship!

So if you like any of the following unique marriage proposals, please make sure to put your own stamp and twist on it!

1. Take her to a fancy restaurant and surprise her by being collected in a horse drawn carriage. Drink champagne while you ride around town, cuddle and propose under the stars.

2. While she's not home light a candlelit pathway leading up to her front door and beyond into her bedroom. When she follows the path she'll find you in a tux on one knee with ring in hand.

3. Take her blindfolded to an idyllic location that is special to the two of you. When you uncover her eyes, she finds that you've made a picnic with all her favorite food. You could perhaps hide some champagne in some nearby water! Propose while you listen to your special song!

4. Recreate your first date! Take a walk past the spot where you first met. Cook the first meal you ever made for her and eat it at your first ever picnic spot. Propose while you listen to the first song you made love to!

5. Hire a limo and collect her from work. Hand her a rose and her best outfit to change into. Drive to your favorite restaurant and instruct them to serve you in the limo. You can propose for dessert with romantic music playing.

6. Hire a horse and a suit of armor and tell her to meet you in the park at lunch time! Arrive a few minutes late as her knight in shining armor, swing down from the horse and offer to be her prince! You could have a friend nearby ready to play Holsts "Jupiter" as you arrive in the distance!

7. Mail her a romantic poem with a photo of you down on one knee! Wait outside for the mail to arrive and when you hear her scream, knock on the door and be on one knee when the door opens!

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