Castles Weddings A Touch Medieval

By Jane Jones

Planning a castle wedding could be the adventure of a lifetime, something that you may have dreamed of for years. Perhaps this is something that has always been in your thoughts, so take advantage and have your castle wedding.

For some reason castle weddings make me think of romance. Knights were so gallant; you could even have the men dress up as knights if you want your wedding to be themed. But make sure that it is tastefully done.

You will need to check out the listings that are offered online, and when you compare these different castles, make a list. On that list you should have many different choices that you think might work for your castle wedding.

Also, be a bit flexible with your wedding date if you have your heart set on a specific castle. That way if someone already has the castle you would love to get married in reserved, you can switch your date. Yes it may be a pain, but the setting is well worth the pain.

What kind of setting do you want in your castle? Consider the country you hope to be married in, or anything else that you can think of. Also with the help of a wedding planner, you may be able to set up the castle wedding a bit easier.

There are rules in many of these places as far as what you can throw after a wedding. Make sure you have informed guests of this information before the wedding.

Finally, pick a place for a castle weddings and have your union there. Romance will fill the air, and the pictures from the wedding will be something to enjoy for years. Plus you have many close places where you could go on a honeymoon.

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