3 Tips For Making Your Wedding Unique

By Aaron Hu

Weddings are nothing new, since the beginning of mankind we have had some form of a wedding ceremony. There is something very special about two people committing their lives to each other until death. Through the years there have been massive changes in what the ceremony looks like and what it should consist of, often imposing very strict guidelines for what is and isn't appropriate for the wedding. Today however, we are free to do almost anything we want for our ceremony. This opening of doors brings with it a new challenge. You don't want to have the same old boring wedding as everyone else, yours has to be unique.

We all want our wedding to be as special as possible. This can happen by adding a few unconventional elements to your big day. We will look at a few ways you can do this in the next 3 tips.

Wearing white is not a must any more. The modern bride does not have to conform any more with her dress. Just a few years ago, it would have been a scandal had the bride not worn white on her big day. This meant that you were not pure enough to wear it. But the standards for purity have changed, and with it you will no longer be seen as an outcast for wanting a dress that is not snow white. For the traditional bride there is a wide spectrum of whites, off-whites, and ivories to choose from. If you are on the bold side, then the sky if your limit, with designer gowns even showing up in black!

Have fun with your wedding favors. Unique wedding favors are all the rage right now. No one wants that tacky, tulle wrapped, Jordan almond favor anymore. Come on, be honest. Did any one every really like that gift? Your favor can be handmade or store bought, but it must say something to your guests, either about who you are as a couple, something that is special to your relationship, or something special that happened during your dating and engagement. Think outside the box with this. What is important is that your guests can tell you put thought into it.

No more boring wedding cakes, please! With all the cake shows on TV today, we have become used to seeing these amazing, one of a kind cakes. No longer will the cake that your great aunt baked be good enough. There are so many exciting techniques that cake designers use today, making each cake unique and special, completely customized to the couple. Take some time to interview several bakers, tasting their cakes and looking at past wedding cakes they have made. Of course the more ornate you get with the cake, the more expensive it will be. The cake shape has changed from basic round to any shape you can think of. A lot of modern brides will pick different shapes for the tiers of the cake, each with a different flavor. Picking more than one flavor is a great idea for a wedding over 100 people. With more people comes more preferences in taste, so offering a selection can be a nice change from the norm. More than ever, you, as a bride, can have fun creating the perfect, unique, one of a kind wedding that you have always dreamed of.

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