Are Cheap Weddings Any Good?

By Harry Trueman

It is incredible just how much money a wedding costs these days. Despite problems elsewhere, 25 billion dollars are spent each year on weddings with the average costing around 25,000 dollars. To put this into perspective, a regular wedding will cost as much as six months salary for an average worker making 50,000 dollars per year. There is no need for you to spend this amount on your wedding when other options exist. Planning a cheaper wedding just means there are ways to reduce costs but not the enjoyment. Consider a few of the ideas detailed below if you would like to reduce your financial outlay, ideas that could help you achieve your dream day for less.

Hand Me Down Hand Made Wedding Dresses

The wedding dress is one area where huge amounts of money are spent. This is something that will only be worn once, so a previously owned dress is worth considering. Selling previously owned wedding dresses is an area which is becoming more popular. When a bride-to-be realizes she can buy a quality handmade dress for half the cost of a new one, or even rent it for the day, this begins to make sense.

Planning the Reception

It is easy for couples to get swept up in the excitement and spend a small fortune on the reception. To reduce this financial outlay, look at how many guests you plan to invite to your cheap wedding. You can reduce the number of people attending by not inviting those who are only at the periphery of your life which can include distant relatives. When it comes to the meal, instead of a four course silver service, why not arrange a hot or cold buffet.

To save on a costly wedding reception venue in a hotel, consider the alternatives. Some people now arrange to hold them in a club house where they can place a set amount over the bar for certain beverages like beer, wine and soft drinks for the children.

The Wedding Photographs

As far as the photographer is concerned, why not just hire one for the service. Most guests take cameras and will be happy to take photos at the reception, and of course you will have plenty to choose from. Some people save money by dispensing with the professional photographer entirely. Using a friend or relative may sound strange at first, but you can guarantee one of them is a keen amateur photographer.

PC Produced Wedding Stationery

It is also easy to save money on your wedding by designing and printing all your own stationery. With a good computer program and a home printer, it is amazing how professional the results are these days. Many people are now competent enough to produce near professional quality work. Problems and errors can be corrected quickly without regular visits to the printers.

Wedding Flowers and Cake

Cost cutting measures can also be found in the area of flowers and their arrangement. These can actually be purchased in large quantities from wholesalers or even from your own garden if you have the capacity. There is no reason why a friend or relative can't bake the wedding Cake. this will save more money, plus the traditional fruit cake does not have to be used as there are many other fillings that people enjoy.

The Wedding Transportation

One last suggestion relates to the limousine which could easily be a beautifully decorated car belonging to a friend.This is not actually that uncommon.

Many young couples want to save money for a home of their own. Saving money by having a cheaper wedding can be a big help!

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