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By David Flanders

Aside from having a baby or buying a new home, getting married is the most important decision that most people make. Couples who are getting hitched, and all their relations, expect every aspect of their wedding day to be just right. This naturally includes the food, which is the reason why selecting the correct caterers can be a choice that heavily impacts on the success of your big day. That's why we took great care in choosing the right caterers Colchester when my sister got married last year.

When my sister got hitched, my folks went into stress overdrive at the thought of organizing it all. They went back and forth to her fiance's family, working out all the finer details of the preparations and making sure all the flowers were right for the church, all the right people had been invited and all the music and food were just perfect for the reception.

Everything was going along swimmingly, apart from organizing the food. Several months before the wedding, my mum had found a decent local company to do all the food. However, it turned out they went bust just a month before my sister was due to get hitched, so my parents flew into a blind panic about what to do. After all, we had 160 people coming and no food to give them.

Anyway, at my suggestion, my mum did a search on Google for the best caterers Colchester and found a reputable company that could provide some excellent food at short notice. They took over from my stressed out parents and sorted everything out, and charged a very reasonable price for what was some fine food and service.

It goes without saying that the wedding was a huge success, and all the guests could talk about all the time was how great the food had been! This made my parents and the groom's folks very happy, and they rewarded my mum for all her help with a huge bouquet of roses. No one gave me any credit for suggesting that mum did an online search for caterers Colchester though, I never get any thanks!

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