Marriage Proposal Ideas - 7 Proposals Your Girlfriend Will Love

By Damian Jackson

Here are some marriage proposal ideas to give you some inspiration for your special moment.

I suggest that you never copy an idea word for word, but take an idea and make it unique to you and your lady!

1. You could arrange for a nice day at the spa followed by a photo shoot! During the shoot, go down on one knee and propose! You'll have it all on camera forever! Afterwards go for a meal and a night at a 5 star hotel!

2. Go building sand castles or digging for sea shells on the beach! Suddenly you could "find" a bottle with a love poem inside! Read it to her! It will slowly become clear that its all about her! When you're finished you can propose!

3. Recreate your first date together by taking a walk past where you first met! Eat where you had your first picnic with the first meal you ever cooked for her, while listening to your first ever music! You could watch the first movie you watched together before proposing!

4. Go for a picnic at an idyllic location you've spent time searching for in the mountains or next to a river. Hide a bottle of champagne and play some music! Create a romantic setting and propose!

5. Arrange for a hot air balloon ride over your city at night! Look at the bright lights below and the stars above! Take along all her favorite food and some champagne, and don't forget something to keep the balloon operator occupied otherwise it will be awkward!

6. How about an instant wedding? After you've proposed and she said yes, start the wedding immediately! The laws in Hawaii are more lax and will make this more possible! You need to be extra certain she'll say "yes" though!

7. You could be away for a "business trip" which unfortunately coincides with your anniversary! Make sure you've already "been away" for at least a week so she's already missing you loads! Surprise her by showing up on your special day and propose!

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