Bridal And Bridesmaids Shoes - Why It Matters?

By Janeth Hanberry

Wedding preparation could be so nerve-racking. You will have to think of the gown you are going to wear, how many bridesmaids you will have, the church where you are going to be wed, the venue of the reception, the number of people to invite, etc. Just the thought of it will give you a headache. In all of these tensions, there is one thing you should not ever forget. It is no other than- your bridal and bridesmaids' shoes.

Why be concerned of your wedding shoes? One might claim that wedding shoes are less important because they are not seen much during the wedding. Well, when you walk down the aisle as the bride or a bridesmaid, it is your most unforgettable moment. I am sure you would not want to trip because you are not used to wearing heels. It may be secondary but you would not want your wedding to become a tormenting memory just because you did not care to think about your wedding or bridesmaid shoes.

Choosing the appropriate shoes can give you a lot of advantages. If you are not so tall, wedding shoes with heels give you additional height. They can also flatter your legs especially when your dress is a bit short. Not only that, they also highlight the way the dress falls, especially if you are wearing high heels.

If you are not accustomed to wearing heels, there are several tips on how to wear shoes with high heels. First is practice. Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. While waiting for the wedding, practice walking with the high heeled shoes an hour a day. This will give you a feel of the shoes so as not to force your feet during the wedding day.

Heels also come in sizes. You can choose the medium sized one or the smaller platform, lower kitten heels. You can actually try experimenting first with your old shoes before buying the real ones.

You will certainly do a lot of standing, walking and dancing during your wedding. Therefore, it is advisable to wear comfortable wedding and bridal shoes. Comfort should be the number one element in your choice of shoes. It does not make sense to wear a pretty dress if you cannot even smile just because your feet are sore.

To avoid unnecessary expenses of buying another pair of bridal or bridesmaids shoes in case it did not match your dress, try the dyeable ones. Dyeable shoes can enable you to dye them any color that would suit your dress. This only shows the importance of prior planning and timing. You should wait for the dress to be made first before buying your wedding shoes.

Bridal or bridesmaids shoes come in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors. Whatever choice you make, be it the traditional ivory shoes or the contemporary stilettos or sandals, what is important is that your shoe color and fabric matches your dress. Both can have the same color but you can also contrast them if you want to make it more unique. The wedding day will always be a memorable occasion. You want to be perfect from head to toe.

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