What Is A Vintage Rolls Royce And Why Would It Be An Excellent Choice Of Car For Your Civil Ceremony or Wedding

By Gavin Burnham

Everyone wants to look back upon their wedding day with fond memories. It is one of the most monumental days of their life, and one that you would want to live in style. One aspect of the day which is often over looked is the wedding transport.

The vintage Rolls Royce car is a transport favourite and the phrase 'vintage Rolls Royce' is any Rolls Royce motor car no longer in production, and which would have been built between the 1930s to the 1950s and were high-priced when new, have manufacturer loyalty, and are still highly prized today. Their workmanship is of a higher quality which usually means they have a nicer more comfortable ride, they were built in limited quantities with custom coachwork and luxury accessories, they have style, great charm and character.

Vintage Rolls Royce wedding cars come in various styles and can be a tremendous photograph opportunity for your wedding album or video as well as for your guests. Some guests will be ready to see you arrive, and everyone will see you and your groom leave for, and arrive at the reception, so you want your wedding cars to be something extra special and possibly tie in with your wedding venue or theme.

Vintage Rolls Royce cars are a favourite choice of wedding cars and selecting the right wedding transport is largely a matter of personal choice. There are a great number of alternative vehicles available from a Daimler Limousine, which is a vehicle with a glass partition behind the driver, to the traditional vintage chauffeur driven saloons such as a 1960s Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. These are splendidly grand and spacious wedding cars, expensive to buy and maintain, they are usually more expensive to hire than modern vehicles, but are glorious wedding vehicles.

Consider using the Rolls Royce wedding car in several of the wedding photographs to make the experience last a life time, and no matter what Rolls Royce model you decide on for the wedding day, make sure the car will stand out from the crowd, because this is the day when you want to be noticed by everybody.

With this information you can start looking for a wedding car company with Rolls Royce cars. Many wedding car websites have pictures of the their Rolls Royce cars and offer advise on the limitations of distance and seating capacity etc. The more detailed the information you provide when contacting them, the more accurate the quotation that is offered.

It is always recommended that you arrange to view older Rolls Royce cars to check the cars condition before booking, and reputable companies will always agree to this. It will also identify whether the company is an agent or the actual wedding car owner.

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