Tips for Hiring a Wedding Planner

By Kidson Marolina

There are many reasons why a couple will deliberate over hiring a wedding planner rather than doing all of the preparations themselves. The most evident reason is the time factor. In days gone by it was common for the whole family to get involved and to help with all of the arrangements, but with the pace of modern life this is not possible anymore. The majority are too busy working and having to arrange the caterers, flower arrangements, wedding videographers, not to mention having to cope with the dress fittings and honeymoon arrangements can be very chaotic.

Although the general agreement is that hiring a wedding planner is more expensive, hiring a pro planner can actually cut back your costs when it comes to planning and organizing your wedding. Apart from the time issue, there are some other reasons why it's a brilliant idea to hire a wedding planner to do the majority of the organizing and arrangements for your wedding.

First, you need to get a wedding planner and although the yellow pages and Internet are options, the most effective way to discover a reputable wedding planner is through recommendation by friends, either through family and friends or the bridal shop where you are buying your wedding outfits from. Once you have a small list of marriage planners you can start to narrow down your choice.

Be sure that you interview each marriage planner personally and find out how many marriages they have been involved in organizing, and get as many wedding video testimonials as possible. Remember that you will be spending lots of time with your chosen planner so you need to feel comfy with them. Even a basic wedding package can be an expensive affair, so take care that you check out all of the references that you have . Skimping on time when attempting to pick the perfect wedding planner for you at the initial stages could finish up costing you, not only in terms of money but also in terms of needless stress and disappointment.

Budget is always a factor in deciding what caterer, videographer, wedding dress, and everything else you want for a wedding, but hiring a longtime, credible marriage planner will help you stretch the budget. Most planners, who have a good reputation, also have many years of expertise. With this experience they'll have built up a good list of contacts and should be able to get you the best price for all your wedding needs .

The bulk of people only have one wedding in a lifetime, but a wedding planner has been involved in hundreds or perhaps thousands, and will have a strict schedule that they keep to ensure that everything is ready for the important day. Deciding to go it alone and arrange everything yourself means that you will have to do so much research to find precisely what you need without any experience in working with wedding caterers or florists, you might end with a wedding and no catering or flowers.

Even if you end up having to stretch the budget to pay for a wedding planner, having the ability to relax in the weeks or months leading up to the big day is worth the additional expense. Leaving everything to the professionals will give you more time to spend with your folks and stress about more important things, like which tropical island you are going to spend your honeymoon on.

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