3 Ways for Elegant Wedding Favors to Make Guests Happy

By Aaron Hu
This year's elegance in wedding style trends is extending a bit from the traditional white with black tux, to bold elegant sashes on the bride's gown, in the color of the bridesmaids dresses, and matching bright colors in the grooms vests. While white will forevermore be the color of weddings, the color scheme has expanded to a splashing stage for 2010. And, for the wedding theme, whether bright, bold color, or soft pastels, the theme is traditional elegance.

There is something sheer magic about the special day, and having everything fit perfectly into place, right down to the wedding favors, is essential. For the bride and groom, the wedding favors are an important part of the wedding, as they are giving their guests a memorable token of the special day, a day that marks the beginning of their new life together. And for the elegant wedding, the wedding favors must be elegant as well.

Most guests don't skimp when it comes to a wedding. There is the purchase of a new outfit involved, and a beautiful gift, and trust me, the gifts are about one of the nicest parts of the wedding. It is like a shopping spree for the bride, and a huge savings for the groom. And, when the guests arrive at the reception, and see that they too are being appreciated, it is special. This year's styles for elegant wedding favors have grown more than ever, as not only elegance but romance has entered the scene. So, begin with finding something that is truly elegant, unique, and that you want to be that special something for your guests.

Wedding favors do make guests happy, especially the women, and the men get a kick out of them too. After all, it is one of them entering into that new kingdom called matrimony. Consider your colors and find a color in the wedding favor that is complimentary, and by all means, have your names engraved on them. One of the popular elegant wedding favors this year is the dangling heart charm that is actually a name place for the place setting at the table. This truly is elegant and something that will be cherished, as the heart charm holds the name card of the guest and has the special day with the bride and grooms name as well.

One favor that the men are sure to love is the wine opener, which is truly a nice gesture.And, some of the guests that are often overlooked are the children. Little girls especially are completely amazed with the magic of the magical day and when there is a special favor for the young child, it truly becomes memorable. One great suggestion for the elegant wedding favor for children is the crystal angle. This truly will have a special place on the table and in the hearts of the young ones for many years to come. You definitely will not have a single guest going away without the feeling of appreciation and gladness that they were there to take part in the special day. Whether you are having a large wedding or a small one, definitely be sure to decorate each place setting with a memorable token of the special day for your guests.
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