Outdoor Marriage, To Do Or Not To Do

By Cheryl Bayley

Many couples dream of getting married in the splendid surrounding of nature. Whether on a summer beach or in an autumn field, it is a fantastic way to celebrate your engagement. That said, outdoor weddings are not for everyone. This guide is intended to guide you through the decision of whether to get married outdoors or not.

Several reasons could speak against outdoor marriage. For instance, if you are not a fan of the unexpected, you are better off with a traditional indoor wedding. The outdoors are a fickle place, and much can go differently than expected if you hold a ceremony with a lot of guests. So if you or your spouse don't like surprises, it is better to avoid getting married outdoors.

Specifically, if you would consider the wedding to be ruined by a spell of bad weather, it may be better to do everything inside. The weather can turn, even in the best of seasons. The alternative, of course, is to have an indoor plan B, even if it's just a big ceremony tent.

While a good wedding organizer can work wonders, outdoor marriage will still place extra stress on you, and will force you to make extra decisions, sometimes at the last minute. Don't get wed outside if you would rather not have to handle this on the day of your nuptials.

One thing that you absolutely need to consider is how your guests are going to react to the wedding being held outdoors. Would the grandmothers be comfortable with an outdoor marriage ceremony, or would it be too hot or too cold for them, or is the chosen place just too difficult to reach?

There are, luckily, more points that speak for an outdoor marriage, than against it. You just need to know which ones apply to you. For instance, consider that an outdoor wedding will be much more memorable and special, both for you and for your guests, and will remain in everyone's memories much more than a traditional ceremony.

Another great reason is, if you have a good reason to get married in a specific place, such as an emotional attachment. Maybe it is in your ancestral country home that you want to get married, or maybe where the proposal occurred on a camping trip.

If there are any pets that you would like to partake in the wedding, whether dogs, cats or other animals, it makes perfect sense to hold the marriage ceremony and possibly the entire event outside.

One important point is your capacity to be organized. If you can manage to plan and prepare for the extra complications of outdoor marriage, you will make that most special day in your life an event to remember, an outdoor wedding fit for dreams.

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