A Guide To Ring Settings That Will Make Your Diamond Shine

By Kim Allarie

Getting the ideal ring for your special someone can prove to be a challenging assignment. You would like the ring to symbolize the love you feel for her, and therefore it needs to be just right. You've picked out the perfect diamond, but what's next? You also need to select from among the various styles of ring settings. This could make or break the look of your stone, so take care when choosing.

There are several varieties of ring settings that you can choose from. You will find invisible settings, bezel settings, channel settings and prong settings. These each have various advantages and disadvantages, and selecting one really will depend on the style you are looking for.

Certainly one of the most popular ring settings is likely the prong setting. This design utilizes three to five prongs in order to fasten the diamond to the band. This really is the most common setting, and also the most apparent.

An invisible setting is perfect for the individual who wants the stone to be the primary part of their ring. An invisible setting appears as though the stone is simply hovering over the band, not actually attached. But don't worry, the stone is firmly attached to the ring.

A different kind of setting that may be just right for you is the channel setting. A channel setting is really trendy for engagement rings. The setting looks like the diamond is nestled amidst two bands, or channels. This is one of the hottest settings because not only will the stone stand out, but you have room to work with for adding more diamonds or other stones on the two channels.

A bezel setting is one more beautiful alternative that partly encases the diamond within the ring band. It's similar in appearance to the setting of a school ring. It keeps the stone in a low profile which is important for those who are quite active. It would be horrible to select an inappropriate setting for an on the go individual and then lose the diamond due to an accident. The bezel setting will greatly decrease the likelihood of any harm to the ring.

Nowadays, you will discover ring settings to fit anybody's personal style. A few varieties of settings will even make a modest stone seem more opulent. Examine all the different types of settings and select the one that is not only attractive, but fits the lifestyle of the wearer.

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