Wedding Arrangement For The Maid Of Admiration

By Robert Friend
The wedding day is commonly referred to as the day of the bride. The story behind this reference develops from a woman's childhood imaginings of the perfected wedding image. In order to achieve this day of perfection it is necessary that the bride have a supporting cast that will assist her during her many times of need.

The Maid of Honor often represents the leading individual found in these supporting wedding parties. It is an honor to be deemed the Maid of Honor and a right of responsibility accompanies the received position.The Maid of Honor is the support pillar for the bride during this time of great stress. When the bride needs to vent she turns towards the Maid of Honor, when she needs emotional support the Maid of Honor is there, and when she needs advice the Maid of Honor knows the Bride best.

The Maid of Honor plays a pivotal role in the events pertaining to a wedding and wedding preparation.The Maid of Honor represents a free wedding planner during the wedding preparation phase of a wedding. When coming to the decisions about wedding preparation it is not uncommon to see both the Best man and Maid of Honor involved in the process. The Maid of Honor represents an individual who has the brides best interests in mind when supporting the wedding preparation decisions the bride makes. The Maid of Honor also represents a buffer between the groom and bride when wedding preparation decision become heated. When issues over budget occur a bride is more open to hearing the opinions of her Maid of Honor over the opinions of a male pushing the issues of cost management. The Maid of Honor is also often the individual that knows the marrying couple best so she has a unique insight into the preferences of the couple. In the process of wedding preparation the Maid of Honor represents the best free wedding planner a couple could ever have.

Another event that the Maid of Honor has the pleasure of planning is the bridal shower. Depending on the various tastes that appeal to the bride the bridal showers often vary greatly from party to party. For the Maid of Honor it is important to incorporate the likes of the bride when she makes the move into wedding preparation of the bridal shower. On many occasions these parties do not go as planned when it starts to appear that the party was designed around the preferences of the Maid of Honor and not the bride.

The bridal shower is an opportunity of freedom for the bride where she enjoys the events planned by the Maid of Honor and strips away the stress that have been building from the wedding preparation. For the Maid of Honor this part of wedding preparation represents her chance to relieve the stresses of the bride and help reset her wedding stress clock. Picking out the right Maid of Honor is an essential task for the bride and groom due to the responsibilities this individual will undertake
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