Special Wedding Cake Toppers Started Off Via The Traditional

By Sue Toliver

Many people don't know the name of those "little figures at the top of a wedding cake". They are called wedding cake toppers, and there are many varieties available in today's market. The special wedding cake toppers trend was started off by the "traditional wedding cake toppers", and we will explore their world in this article. As far as toppers for wedding cakes are concerned, these designs have stood the test of time. Here are four particular designs that we like:


Pick #1) One of our favorites, the "Contentment" Calla Lily Porcelain Cake Topper is very traditional. It depicts the bride and groom on the "big day", and the love that the couple has for each other is clearly depicted by the bride's hand upon the groom's face. Note the groom as he holds his new bride's waist. The bride is elegantly dressed in a strapless wedding gown, and the groom is handsomely dressed in tux and tails. Complimenting the design is a handmade bouquet of calla lillies. The specifications of this traditional piece are:

a) Overall Size is: 7" x 3"

b) Beautifully hand-painted.

c) Handcrafted out of fine porcelain.

d) Weighs 0.75 lbs.


Item #2) In the "Ebony Enchantment" a beautiful princess has found her Prince Charming. Depicting an African-American couple, this traditional topper would make a beautiful addition to any wedding cake. The bride is elegantly dressed in a flowing white bridal gown (with "off the shoulder" ruffles, lace trim, and a flowing veil). To add a splash of color, note the beautiful pink bouquet and a few roses in the bride's hair. To compliment the bride's gown, the groom is handsomely dressed in a black tuxedo and bow-tie, complete with a pink boutonniere. A fairy tale that is the perfect compliment to any wedding cake. Here are more specifications:

a) Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 3 1/2"

b) Beautifully hand-painted.

c) Handcrafted out of porcelain.

d) Weighs in at 0.55 lbs.


Item #3) Ah, the wedding kiss after the ceremony. The "First Kiss" Bride and Groom Cake topper depicts it. Here the happy couple is sharing their first kiss as husband and wife. This kiss will have you skipping and dancing on a cloud! The slender bodies of the bride and groom are positioned in a graceful embrace. Their hands, lips, and hearts, connect in incredible joy...ready to party and dance the night away. The bride is adorned in a stylish white strapless wedding gown and shoulder-length wedding veil. The groom is looking dapper in his black tuxedo. This traditional topper reflects the contemporary spirit of a new couple just starting their life of wedded bliss.

Additional specifications are:

a) The material is poly-resin.

b) Standing 6" tall.


#4) The "Sweet Embrace" African-American Cake Topper shows the romantic African-American bride and groom in a loving embrace. Celebrating their first kiss as husband and wife, this happy couple is ready to dance the night away. The bride is wearing a stylish white strapless gown with a shoulder-length veil. The groom is wearing a dapper black tuxedo. They are both aptly dressed to reflect the contemporary spirit of the couple they represent. Here are some more facts and figures:

a) The material is poly-resin. The design is contemporary.

b) This topper measures 6" tall.

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