Paths To Make Your Marriage Trendy Using Marriage Flowers

By Judith J. Conway

Want to make your wedding modern and stylish? If yes, then you wish to pay a touch more attention and detail to the marriage flowers alone. Using the marriage flowers in a radical manner alone will help in making your marriage a hip affair. These are some top marriage flower ideas that are sure to make your wedding fashionable.

One of the most straightforward things that you can do to make your wedding modern is to use bright colored blooms. Wedding flowers in white and lighter shades like pink and muted yellow are passe. It is time to go bold with colors. Go in for marriage flowers in daring colors such as deep purple, burgundy, maroon, fuchsia pink and such. You may also consider using cheerful colors like yellow and orange for your marriage.

Unusual color mixtures is yet another idea to make your wedding classy and trendy. Marriage flowers in red and white or pink and white are things of days gone by. Pairing up wedding flowers in surprising colors will give your marriage an edge. You can go in for combinations like orange and fuchsia pink, brown and maroon, deep red and emerald green and such.

Going natural is one more idea for making your wedding happening and stylish. Using prim and correct well designed flower arrangements for weddings is the trend of a bygone era. The present times have more of a casual approach when it comes to the marriage flowers. It is preferable to opt for casual flower displays than to go in for cascades of bridal bouquets. This is because they are well tailored, and thus give a formal touch to the wedding. Instead of such a formal approach, using a handful of flowers that are loosely held, seems like a more sound a choice.

Complement your wedding flowers with lots of foliage. Adding foliage and plenty of leaves will definitely add on to the natural feel of the marriage. One good option may be to use long stems. This will come in handy for venue decor. Add on some vegetables and fruits to the existing wedding flowers, if you want to go in for an experimental look and arrangement. This may also help you add a garden like feel to your wedding. You can experiment more by adding some bamboo and bass too. This way you are all set for a wooden feel too.

Different textures are a good way to add to the beauty of your floral patterns. The solution to this is to use flowers which have the same colors but have different shade and hue. You also have the option to base your complete marriage on a theme color. Think about using yellow as the theme color of your wedding. You have the option to use any kind of flower, as long as it is yellow in color. Different yellows will match to make a great combination.

You also have the option to improve theme color. Think about using assorted accessories. This allows you much more freedom and many more options. This option allows you to get the best theme.

Remember, it is all about experimentation so you will try various things to get to the best results.

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