Propose To Your Girlfriend

By Charles Jackson

Before you propose to your girlfriend, read the following tips! It is something that hopefully you'll only have to do the once, so make sure you increase your chances!

1. Like all good lawyers, only ask the question if you know the answer! If you think there's a good chance she'll say "no" then she probably will! You obviously haven't given your courtship long enough!

2. Only make it a public proposal if you're extra certain the answer is "yes" otherwise you risk making your happy day the most humiliating experience of your life!

3. You really have to surprise the girl! Eliminate any chance of her finding out by only enlisting the help of trusted friends who can keep quiet.

4. Never carbon copy an idea you read in a magazine or on the net. You know her better than anybody else so personalizing your marriage proposal should be easy for you!

5. Take a knee! Its corny and cliche but it's how since she was a little girl she always imagined her proposal would be, so don't let her down!

6. Guard the ring! Don't risk losing it in some elaborate engagement scheme by burying it in sand or giving it to the Dog to deliver to her! It's not worth it!

7. Keep good eye contact! She'll know that you mean it this way and also show confidence which she'll find attractive!

8. Ambiance is very important. Create the setting with candles, music, good food and dim lights! Most girls find this preferential to a huge public spectacle of a proposal!

9. Consider your timing! If you propose in the winter, then it's just a few months before you could have a spring wedding! For a long engagement, go for a spring proposal! It could be a whole year before you would have to go through with it!

10. Relax! If you've planned everything then it'll go fine! This is a big moment for the both of you so enjoy it!

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