How To Create The Perfect Wedding Table Decorations

By Emily Tanner

When choosing your wedding table decorations and wedding accessories, it is worth taking the time to get the look right. You want your guests to be bowled over when they enter your reception room because your tables ooze stylish and coordinated design.

To ensure your tables ooze style, you need to go back to basics and create a mood board. This can be a scrap book, a corkboard or just a sheet of paper on which you record all your wedding style ideas. Make this your platform for swatches of bridesmaids dress material, wedding invitation samples, pictures of bouquets, colours you wish to incorporate and even words to describe the theme of your day; e.g. rural, rustic, casual or romantic, suave, decadent. Once you have started putting ideas to paper, some general trends should prevail which will provide the inspiration you require for creating wedding table decorations with impact.

The next point to consider is when and where your event will be taking place. If your event is taking place in a country pub in high summer, your inspiration can be taken from summer blooms, garden lanterns, bunting and gingham. Alternatively, if you are marrying in a stately home in the winter, your inspiration will be taken from regal gold tones, marble statues, cozy hearths and deep purple velvet. In order for your wedding accessories to coordinate successfully with your surroundings, you must consider the season and your venue carefully. If you are permitted, it might be worth taking a photograph of your venue and including it in your mood board.

Your ideas should be coming together nicely now, so you can start to consider which colour palette you should have. To achieve maximum impact, your table decorations, wedding favors and table accessories need to be in the right tone and shade. Having a spring wedding? Use the seasonal greens, soft pinks & bright daffodil yellows as your starting point. If your event is taking place in the summer, be inspired by hot tropical pinks and splashes of acid orange. Choose Christmas gold and red if marrying in the winter or cozy coppers, vibrant orange and chocolate browns if marrying in Autumn months.

Lastly, once you have completed your mood board it's time to start shopping! You will need to set one table up exactly as it will be on the wedding day to see how it is going to look. Remember to include place card holders, wedding favors, ribbon for napkin ties, ribbon swatches you may be using elsewhere, balloons, chair ties, table confetti or table gems, table trivia and other decorative items. It would also be worth purchasing just one or two blooms that will be used in your table centerpiece to give you an overall feel. This is a good time to take a picture too so that you can show your venue, planner or bridesmaids exactly how you want your tables set on the day.

We trust that this article has helped you appreciate the importance of wedding table decorations and has given you some ideas about how you can achieve stunning wedding reception tables. And remember to take your inspiration from your venue and the time of year to ensure you create the perfect wedding table decorations.

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