Wedding Memory Books

By Julia Kilpatrick

As the years go by after your marriage day plenty of the important happy memories can fade, and making a marriage memory book is the ultimate way to chronicle the whole wedding process to preserve those special memories. Marriage memory books can be purchased ready made with individual pages for guest lists, a family lineage and tons of pages for photos, but you can also make your own. Let's look at what you need to consider when making your own marriage book.

Many couples start to think about their marriage book as they start preparations for the marriage, and just include it in the list of things to do ; order a wedding cake, book a Sydney wedding videographer, book hotels etc, but an excellent idea is to make one that includes everything before the marriage as well . You need to consider if you'd like a collection of only wedding day memories or if you want to include the bachelor and bachelorette party that is bound to have some of the best moments to incorporate, although maybe a section at the back of the book should be reserved for those photographs.

Your marriage book can contain several, chapters if you like, that may chronicle each special moment and memory from the time that you first became engaged. The most important thing you need to bear in mind is that once the final chapter has been written it can be changed in the future, so keep as many mementos as you can just in case you decide to edit your book in future years. When you are selecting photos make sure that you keep at least two copies of each as this will allow you to be more creative, and if you need to modify the layout and cut some fancy shapes you'll always have spare pictures.

Let everybody, friends and family, know that you are going to be making a wedding memory book and you will be shocked at what number of folks are prepared to make a contribution to it. Folks will keep an eye open for certain items at the bridal shower, wedding reception and other parties that always make up the entire marriage process, to give to you for inclusion in your marriage book. Sometimes something as simple as the ribbons on the marriage bands can fall to the floor unobserved, but if folks know that you are making a collection of all your memories they'll pick it up and give it to you later on at the reception.

Depending on when you choose to start a documentation of your wedding will decide on the theme and design of your book. If you plan really early then you can co-ordinate the book to fit into your wedding theme. Most wedding memory books only cover from the marriage day to the honeymoon, but how great would it be to get some video footage included on your wedding video of you and your other half blushing as you both go through the pages of the bachelor party. If you ask your wedding videographer, he/she can even make a separate video story from the days leading up to your wedding, with your wedding book as the central theme.

Starting to add to your wedding book as soon as possible after you have decided to be married will mean that you've got a amazing story book that not only you and your better half, but also acquaintances and family can look through when you are all together again at birthdays, Christmas or other festivities in years to come.

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