Personalised Wedding Favours

By Emily Tanner

If you really are in desperate need to set your wedding apart from all the others, we suggest you opt for personalized wedding favours. With so many weddings to attend each year, it's every bride's nightmare choosing a perfect wedding favour for her event. Personalized wedding favours are so special because they really bring a sense of the couple to the favours, not to mention them being completely pertinent to those who are tying the knot. By giving personalized wedding favours, you will make your guests feel that they have been really spoiled, and they will be sharing a real sense of your occasion.

It is commonly believed myth that personalized wedding favours are costly. Depending on your choice of wedding favours, there is no ceiling on what you can spend, but for many of us, the value for your money is key. Edible favours, such as personalized mint tins or personalized chocolate bars, remain an economic yet practical choice and are widely regarded as the 'best wedding favours' on the market. This is probably due to the fact that guests savor their gift due to it's delicious taste, and feel privileged that their hosts have gone to so much trouble to have their names printed on each bar or tin.

If you are really trying to be different and you feel that a chocolate bar or a personalized mint tin is not different enough for your wedding, have you thought about giving guests personalized tea bags or seed-kits? It can be difficult catering for every guest, especially when many people have food allergies, making personalized tea bags a great alternative to a traditional personalized wedding favour. A great alternative favour, especially for those who are concerned about their environment, is the personalized seed-kit. These unusual favours are a great way to get your guests chatting amongst themselves!

Perhaps money is no object and you wish to give alternative personalized wedding favours with a more luxurious feel. If you are lucky enough to have a larger budget or believe favours to be central to your table decor, how about choosing personalized fabric hearts, or have silverware engraved for your guests? Embroidered hearts make fantastic personalized wedding favours as do silver items which can be engraved with special sentiments. Luxurious favours are also a great choice for brides with smaller guest lists.

So, hopefully this has provided even the most fussy of brides with some tangible ideas for choosing personalized wedding favours with impact.

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