Bridal Shower Favors Made By You

By Aaron Hu

It is very expensive to hold a perfect bridal shower, and to make sure that everything is good and beautiful. Wedding shower favors are an important part of this ceremony. If you do not want your budget to overrun, you have to come up with favor ideas that are cheap as well as thoughtful. This article lists some unique bridal shower favor ideas that would rock your party and make it a memorable one.

Manicure bags It is a simple and unique idea, and makes a great shower favor. You can buy a pretty sachet bag, and put a few manicure items in it. You can add tiny nail polish bottles in the bag. It is advisable to purchase nail polish of the same color as the theme of the shower. You can also add a small bottle of nail polish remover and emery board to each sachet. Add some cotton balls to the bag, and your cute bridal shower favor will be ready. This favor would not be heavy on your pocket, and would cost about $5 per guest. This is a unique idea and reflects your creativity and imagination.

Antique tea cups This is a great idea for bridal shower favors, because it gives the impression that you have spent a lot of money, while actually you have not! You can simply buy beautiful antique china cups at thrift stores and flea markets for about $1 or under! Generally these cups would be a bit dirty, or covered with dust. You can clean them by using mild detergent or mild bleach solution. You can shine them up by rubbing them with a cotton cloth. These will look like expensive antique teacups and add class to your bridal shower. To add more charm to the cups, you can place little bags of candy in the cups, or small bags of potpourri. You can also make them look cute, by attaching a name tag to the handle of the cup with a small string.

Picture frames: Picture frames are used to hold on to precious memories, and thus make excellent wedding shower favors. You can easily get pretty picture frames for $1. It is better to add your picture to the frame before giving. To make it more beautiful, you can give silver frames with black and white photographs, or golden frames with sepia photographs of the bride and groom. You can also attach a card with details such as names of the bride and groom, and wedding date etc. This is an excellent favor idea, as your guests can place this frame in their living room, and can always remember you.

Cool favors You can think outside the box and give untraditional bridal shower favors that your guests can really enjoy. For example, you can give them a gift certificate of a big store. Although this will not be easy on your pocketbook, your guests will definitely love this favor. They can shop at the store and buy just what they desire. Another different idea is to give them tickets to an amusement park. This will make a really cool shower idea that your guests will really enjoy.

These were a few of the bridal shower favor ideas that you can use and make your shower more special and more memorable, both for you and your guests.

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