Planning The Wedding - Important Steps

By Adriana Noton

Everyone knows weddings are fun. And everyone who has ever helped to plan a wedding can attest to what kind of nightmares poor wedding plans can cause. But, planning the wedding doesn't need to become a nightmare if done properly.

Of course, trying to cram plans into a tiny time frame just doesn't work well. Arranging a reception for 200 people in two weeks is all but impossible if you expect all the bells and whistles to be perfectly in place. One of the most important factors, therefore, in planning any wedding is to make sure the time frame matches the type of wedding.

If you are hoping to get married in Paris, invite over 200 guests, and have your gown designed by Vera Wang, you're looking at more than a year, working every day on the details. If you are just hoping to have a few people meet you in Vegas so you can get married by Elvis, even a nice wedding can be arranged in a week.

One of the most time consuming aspects is choosing the dress. Women spend weeks and weeks looking for that perfect dress. If this isn't something you have time for, and perhaps aren't even interested in, rent one! This is a fast upcoming business aimed solely at women who realize how cost effective this is. One fitting, one payment, and you can wait till a week before the wedding. Bridesmaids? Have them do the same thing.

Delegation is the key to success, no matter what the size of the wedding is. Find friends and family whom you can trust, and have them manage one entire process from start to finish. Tell them exactly what you want and let them handle it. With smart phones that can handle video, photos, voice notes, web browsing, and text and messages, you can be kept up to date with what's happening.

If you happen to not be a fan of those old fashioned and boring and usually inedible sit down dinners, too often interrupted by photos and music and other distractions, save yourself a small fortune and opt for something much more fun and enjoyable. Wines, cheeses, sushi, finger sandwiches and dips can be much easier, and people can eat whenever they want. Cut down on liquor expenses by setting a cappuccino bar with pastries, too.

This is perfect for a late afternoon wedding, especially a less than formal event. Any of these choices can be quite elegant and very memorable.

Double check last minute details 48 hours ahead. If you are hiring a limo service, go over addresses, times, destinations, and pricing. Get cell phone numbers for the drivers if possible. If you are relying on friends and family, make certain that cars are equipped to handle the number of passengers assigned.

Finally, ask everyone to send gifts rather than bringing them to the reception. This way you won't need to rely on people to gather them and cart them to your home later on.

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