Bestowing Amazing Wedding Favors

By David Trumble

A wedding favor is a gift given by a bride and/or groom to their wedding party and close friends who have helped make their wedding a blessed event.

Cost is often an issue, since there are so many expenses associated with weddings, left over cash may be quite limited. The temptation may be too cheap out or give mediocre wedding favors.

This does not have to be true in your case, however, because there are so many choices when selecting or even creating your wedding favors. You may even be able to make a memorable statement with a bit of creative generosity.

The old adage says, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." When it comes to giving the right wedding favors this is right on the money. It is essential that you think ahead, plan ahead, and make your choices in advance. Then you can give your wedding favors with confidence. You will feel blessed and your attendants will feel appreciated.

How much you spend is up to you and your pocketbook. If you open up your pocketbook after you have just emptied it, there is nothing left. On the other hand, if you diligently budget your funds and set aside specific funds for your wedding favors; the money will be there.

Search the web for wedding stores like or others. There are many choices available so explore. Look for the unique. Consider the costs. Think about how your favors may be received.

Some of the easy choices that you may find during your search are what I call nick knacks or figurines. These are fantastic. You can find almost anything you can imagine: cars, animals, people in costume or with small signs, bells, you name it.

Gift candles are another intriguing choice. They too come in all manner of shape, size, and style. You can find gift candles in decorative holders. Floating candles are popular. Look for candles that in some way express your relationships, passions, or interests. If you have a theme wedding, consider candles that would reflect your theme.

Sometimes the presentation is half the gift. By that I mean, packaging, wrapping, and the box itself can be a big part of the gift. Ribbons, decorative wrappers, and decorative trinkets like bells can turn an ordinary gift into something truly amazing.

Your attendants would love a personally created memento hand crafted just for them. They would treasure it for years because you made it. If you have special skills or hobbies, this may be a great option.

Giving yourself makes an impressive gift. For example, Donna was an avid sewer who designed and sewed each of her attendants' gowns for her wedding including her own. This was much more that a trinket.

Your wedding favors may also include items such as edible treats, distinctive glassware, music CDs, bells, frames, coasters, pens, or a thousand other similar items.

Theme weddings can make choosing wedding favors even easier. All you have to do is zero in on favors that reflect the theme. A porcelain castle would be great for a Medieval Themed wedding. A ship figurine would work for an ocean theme.

Do not wait until the last minute. Think ahead. Plan ahead. Buy ahead. The stresses will ease and you will be excited to give your wedding favors. Plan right not to start exploring the internet for all the wedding resources you need.

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