3 Amazing Non Holiday Winter Wedding Themes

By Aaron Hu

As the New Year approaches many brides will be looking for a new wedding theme idea that goes beyond the normal holiday and winter wedding themes. This makes sense as many brides will still want to take advantage of the off season savings of a winter wedding. So how does a bride still come up with an original wedding theme, and at the same time still make the best advantages offered by an off season ceremony? It takes imagination and some research to make it a reality. Here are some great ideas for you, the bride, in such a predicament to use that will be sure to make your ceremony and reception at this time of year unforgettable and spectacular.

If you are having a January wedding one great idea to have is a New Year's theme. Having your wedding at this time of year is a great choice because you not only are celebrating the beginning of a brand new year but also the beginning of your marriage. This is an apt theme to use and it can add some glitz and sparkle that would be otherwise lacking in a winter themed wedding. For example you decorate the chapel or ceremony location in bright and sparkling material. You want to give the venue a shimmering and wonderful look but not make it look too much like a party. That is what you want your reception to look like. You want it to have a look similar to a lavish New Years Eve Party in New York or some other popular venue.

Another great choice is Valentine's Day. This is the perfect theme for a February wedding. What better theme than one based on the lover's holiday? This is a great advantage to ramp up the romance in your wedding design. You can use the motifs of hearts and red colored flowers and blossoms to give the room an excellent look. You can also look to other famous Valentine's Day images of cupid. For the ceremony, try to blend these in a manner that will provide an elegant and romantic look to your ceremony location. For the reception you will have much more room to let your imagination soar. You can make your reception into one of the all time great Valentine's Day parties with chocolate desserts, menus designed around famous romantic dinners and a great selection of love ballads and songs to serenade your guests.

Another popular theme is the black and white wedding. This is a classy and elegant theme that matches the winter season perfectly in its stark contrasts and sophisticated simplicity. This is the type of wedding that is perfect because it does not have to match any particular holiday and can still be considered to be a great choice for a winter ceremony and reception.

The result is something that has old time beauty and an unforgettable look that will leave a great impression on your attendees. To add to glitz to your decorations, try incorporating sparking elements such as glitter, sequins, and some crystal. These are just some of the many themes that you can use for your winter wedding after the holiday season. The important thing is that there are several ideas you can use for your winter wedding that don't have to follow the same boring pattern. You just have to think of themes that best match the season and what you want to do.

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