What You Should Know When Choosing Wedding Sandals

By Danny Ricks

To walk down the aisle and get married is every woman's dream. It ought to be perfect; the venue, the guests, the wedding gown, hair, the wedding accessories and the wedding sandals. Wedding sandals are known for their comfort and elegance. Bridal sandals offer various designs from really elaborate beaded ones to simple white or silver with a few simple straps. They can be used in any type of wedding, be it a church, formal wedding or a garden or beach ceremony.

Whether you are looking for flat sandals, platforms or heels, choosing the right match for your wedding dress should not cause you too much headache. It may be a little tricky to find the right pair but it is not that hard, as long as you follow this advice.

One should always think of comfort above anything else. This is the most important factor. The style and design may be important but your comfort is critical. Expect to be standing most of the time. You will be walking down the aisle, the wedding ceremony itself and exchange of vows, greeting your guests, photo shoots and dancing. Any pair of shoes will start to get uneasy when used for that long.

Your shoes or sandals should be comfortable to begin with. Wearing them around the house for a couple of days would be good to ensure that they are in good fit on the day of your wedding. New shoes and sandals are a bit tighter when new. Wearing them for a few days before the wedding will ensure you that they are stretched enough for a more comfortable fit. Choose a pair that can let you walk around and move freely, especially if you planned to dance.

Consider the type of wedding you are going to have. Is it a church wedding, garden wedding or a beach wedding? If it is a beach wedding, you are not expected to wear high stilettos for it is not practical to wear them in the sand. If you have a long gown, do not wear sandals with high heels or such, as it might cause you to trip on your dress and tear it and find yourself humiliated. With a long dress, the focus is all there, so you may just want to find a comfortable pair of sandals with pretty hose.

Wedding sandals are a balance of comfort and sense of fashion. Choose a pair of sandals that shows your personal fashion sense. Yes, it should be comfortable but it should look great too. Find something that will greatly complement your dress. Also, do not forget to wear your wedding sandals when fitting your dress. The length of your dress should be right, and you may want to see what it look like having your dress and your sandals together.

Whatever your choice is, make sure that you are comfortable and confident wearing it. This is your day anyway and all eyes will be on you. You should be perfect.

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