Maid of Honor Wedding Speeche

By Marusha McStewart

When one of your dearest friends has invited you to be her bridesmaid, at the wedding festivities you'll in all probability want to present a pleasant speech that talks about your long term friendship and how delighted you are for her on this special day. There are some popular conventions to follow, but by applying some of your own individual themes, you can place your own twist on your maid of honor speech. Irrespective of whether you resolve to improvise on your own, or put much time into your whole speech, either way will produce an impressive and genuine speech that your close friend and the bridegroom, will not forget.

Good points to think about when planning your salute and speech, are humorous accounts the bride shared with you about when she met her husband. Other matters you could speak about may be how long you've known the groom, what a great couple the bride and bridegroom are, and any wish you may have for their life together. A great thought is to have a draft of your speech and rehearse it with pals to see if you obtain the appropriate laughs or 'oohs and ahhs' of joy. During the real wedding day, it is perfectly adequate to take a composed speech with you or index cards for you to refer to if required.

In some cases, you could be the new sister-in-law to be and won't know your brother's bride at all. If this circumstance arises, seek to consider your brother and the sort of women he liked when you were growing up, and when you both became adults. If you try to think about the bride through your brother's eyes, the chances are you'll be able to come up with some neat things to mention that she'll appreciate.

Be sure to give thanks to the bride for the compliment of bestowing on you the title you have, and tell her how remarkable you feel that she selected you to stand beside her during her special day. You can speak about the marriage ceremony, how stunning it was, how wonderful all the attendants seemed, and don't forget to credit the ring bearer and flower girl, if they have them, as even if they are too tiny to understand your thanks, the bride and their parents will appreciate your noticing them.

Try to hold your address to a couple of minutes because there are other guests who will wish to speak, like the best man, mom and dad, grandparents, and even step-parents. One other good word of advice is no matter what position the program places you in for your speech, do not imbibe overmuch prior to standing up to make your maid of honor speech. Everybody will recall that you mumbled your words or had trouble rising if you do that, and you don't want to get that kind of attention on your friend's special day. If you observe these elementary suggestions, you will be able to provide a great maid of honor speech that everyone will remember.

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