Enhance your Decor with Personality Wedding Favors

By Aaron Hu

The best wedding that you can have is one that is uniquely you. There are many ways to plan a wedding. The best is to start with the happy couple and the personality they each bring to the marriage. This can be done with the location of the wedding, the theme, the music at the wedding and reception. Ask what they want at every step and they can add just a little of themselves so that their wedding is uniquely and totally theirs. One of the best ways to add personality to the reception is in the decor and with wedding favors. It is possible to greatly enhance the decor with personality favors. Everything needs to flow into the theme or the color scheme to give a beautiful, warm and loving atmosphere.

Each and every detail is planned, down to the smallest placecard holder, making sure the seating chart is followed. The decor is another thing that has to match. Using the wedding favors as part of the decor can help bring everything together just a little more. This is where you can definitely find a way to add your personality to the decor. Upbeat people might like to give an "Apple of my eye" ceramic salt and pepper shaker set as a gift to the guests. If you are fond of tea time perhaps a tea pot keychain tape measure is more like your personality. There all kinds of different types of personality favors that can enhance your decor.

People who are more traditional might want to go with a more conservative type gift that shows their more traditional personality. Like the calla Lilly "Write from the Heart" pen and gift box or "Letter Perfect" monogrammed note cards. These are some of the more traditional type gifts that are given at a more traditional wedding.

The type of wedding favor is a choice the couple can use to add a touch of their personalities. Whether it be a little different with a teapot or salt and pepper shaker, or the more traditional pen or note cards, they include a little bit of there personalities when they are the ones doing the choosing. When shopping they should be able to take the time to look at all the possibilities and make a decision that is unique to their personalities.

The best way to do this is to take the time and check out stores online. They have a very large inventory to choose from and are open when you have time, not just during the day. The online stores are normally more cost efficient than local shops because they have to be more competitive than local shops due to more competition. When shopping online the couple can pick their favorite personality favors and choose what is unique to them. The online stores carry a lot of the things needed for weddings and receptions allowing the couple to find many money saving ideas.

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