Best Wedding Proposals - 7 Proposals For Your Big Day

By Charles Jackson

Here are a few of my best wedding proposals! I hope you gain some inspiration for your big moment!

Just make sure that you never actually carbon copy an idea you read somewhere else as the best wedding proposals are always the ones that are special and unique to the two of you!

1. You could go building sand castles on the beach. You could "find" an old bottle which contains a love poem inside. It should ideally begin quite vague and then gradually become about her and your relationship. Propose to her after you've read it!

2. Consider an instant wedding if you have a mature relationship and you're certain she'll say yes. You'll need to have all her friends and family involved and ideally have it in Hawaii where the laws are more lenient. After she accepts your proposal, you should begin the wedding at once!

3. Get 3 red roses for her! One for the past, one for the present, and the final rose, with the ring attached to it is the future!

4. Visit a health spa and get pampered! Change into your best clothes and head off to a photo shoot! During the shoot go down on one knee and propose to her. You'll have the photos forever! Then go to the best restaurant in town followed by a night at a 5 star hotel!

5. Tell her to meet you in the park at lunch time and then arrive a few minutes late riding a horse and donning a suit of armor! Have a friend nearby ready to play Holsts "Jupiter" for your big entrance!

6. Pick your girl up in a rented limo, present her with a red rose and her favourite outfit! Take her to the best restaurant in town and have it prearranged so that they serve you in the limo. Have romantic music playing with the privacy window up of course and propose for dessert over champagne.

7. Recreate your first date! Take a walk past the spot where you first met! Cook the first meal you ever made for her while listening to your special music. Then watch the first movie you saw together and then propose!

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