Which Wedding Sweet Idea Is Best For Me?

By Emily Tanner

Deciding which wedding sweet idea will be the best choice for you is really much easier than you might think. There is so much in the way of wedding sweet ideas out there, that you needn't be restricted by anything. All you need to do is decide what kind of memories you want your guests to keep of your day.

Wedding sweets and wedding favors provide an important memory for the guests of your wedding day. In other words, we recommend going for wedding sweets that are going to get guests talking, or for sweets that are pertinent to your dress style, color theme, how you met, a hobby or simply your love of chocolate.

Foiled chocolate hearts are an incredibly popular wedding sweet idea. They work so well for a variety of different weddings, namely due to the array of colors in which they are available for purchase. Whether you are having a purple theme, a monochrome theme, a red Valentine's theme or a multicolored theme, there will be a foiled chocolate heart for you.

On the other hand, sugared almonds remain the biggest selling wedding sweet idea across the United Kingdom. Sugared almonds are the most traditional of choices when it comes to choosing your wedding sweets, as they are said to represent the five wedding wishes of happiness, health, fertility, wealth and longevity. Don't forget that these are not just available in plain white and ivory, sugared almonds are also available in many tones and shades to co-ordinate with any color scheme.

Thirdly, you may wish to opt for chocolate dragees; a modern alternative to a sugared almond, similar looking and candy coated yet filled with a high quality dark chocolate. This is often a more agreeable choice for younger guests and for those who do not like nuts. Unlike sugared almonds, chocolate dragees are a great wedding sweet idea because they come in flat shapes and heart shapes!

Perhaps you are more hip and want wedding sweets with a nostalgic or meaningful edge? If this is you, then why not consider these wedding sweet ideas; chocolates in the shape of champagne bottles, footballs, playing cards and dice. Dairy milk miniatures or even Love Heart mini tubes can also send guests for a trip down memory lane, and would look perfect in favor boxes or in organza bags.

Hopefully, we have given you some wedding sweet ideas that will make you see how easy choosing your wedding sweets can be. It is important to remember however, that wedding sweets are a great way to get guests talking. By considering some of the ideas above, your wedding sweet ideas will give your guests plenty of food for thought!

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