Wedding Bags And The Women Who Want Them

By Danny Ricks

What are lovely gowns and beautiful shoes if you do not have gorgeous wedding bags to go with them? Show me a woman who does not like bags (any bag) and I will show you a woman who is deluding herself. A bag is not just a container of all things sundry; it is not simply a glorified sack that women love to have with them wherever they go, especially when shopping.

Men do not understand why women in weddings, especially if they are the bride or bridesmaids, would have bags in their possession. Do they not have more than enough to do and think about before, during and after the wedding ceremony and reception than to lug around wedding bags? Purses would be more practical and surely less bulky, but you cannot tell women what to carry or not to carry.

But what do men know about bags - specifically wedding bags? The answer to that is nothing and men better keep their traps shut if they want to keep the peace on the home front. Anyway, men know that nothing must come between women and anything they have their sights on like clothes, shoes, and bags.

Might as well go with the flow and let the womenfolk do as they please in their quest for all things bags and other stuff that matters to them. Men know that one of their most important roles in life is to stand by their women, stay silent, nod to everything that their wives or girlfriends say, and make sure to put enough dollar bills in their pockets or bring an ATM card with them when going out with their better halves. There is a wedding scheduled two weeks from now and the missus wants to shop for everything she will need.

Men are usually supportive if it is within reason. They pay for what their wives or girlfriends purchase as long as they have enough funds. Buying their wives or girlfriends wedding bags is one way for men to prove their love.

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