Wedding Reception Chair Covers - The Perfect Touch

By Karen Wright

Every bride has dreams of an elegant and beautiful wedding, but she also wants her wedding to show her personal style. For this reason, most brides will go to just about any length to achieve this by planning everything from the invitations, the gown, the cake that will be served, where it will be held, and even the tiny details of the decorations. Wedding reception chair covers are not immune to this scrutiny.

While some may not realize it, the chairs at a wedding have a huge impact on the overall look. The problem with this aspect is that they sometimes can be a challenge during wedding planning. By simply using some chair covers, though, all of that aggravation can be done away with. It may seem like a tiny detail, but you might be surprised at how much of an impact it can really have.

Any plain plastic chair can be easily transformed into a vision of elegance with the addition of satin and gossamer. You can also use organza to add a splash of complimentary color to really pull together the look of the room or match with the table runners for a perfect pair.

With the large impact that chair covers have on a room, personalizing them can dramatically change the look and feel all on its own.

By adding the initials of the bride and groom to the back of the chair covers, you can add a personal touch without too much work. Embroidered letters or even sequined ones work well for doing this.

Depending on the specific theme of the wedding you can also add small pictures that will compliment the overall decor. For example, a winter themed wedding can feature snowflakes while a fall themed wedding could feature leaves in beautiful autumn colors.

The possibilities with this option are seemingly endless and all you need to do is use the same colors and themes that are present in other parts of the overall wedding decor.

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