Engagement Proposal Ideas - 7 Romantic Ideas

By Charles D Jackson

Before I give you some engagement proposal ideas, you need to make sure that you don't simply copy somebody else's ideas!

The two of you will have many shared experiences and so you should customize any idea to be personal to the two of you!

I hope these engagement proposal ideas give you some inspiration:

1. Mail her a special love poem and a photo of you on one knee. Wait for her post to arrive and when you hear her scream, knock on her door and propose for real.

2. Say that you're away on a business trip for a special anniversary time. You'll be away for 2 weeks. Go 1 week without seeing her to make it seem real, then on the anniversary, surprise her with your presence and propose.

3. Go on a hot air balloon ride at night time. Go over the city and looking down on the light and under the stars, you can propose to her.

4. Go building sand castles, or digging for shells on the beach. You can "stumble" upon an old bottle with a love poem inside. Read her the poem, it will become clear it is about her and then propose.

5. Go for an instant wedding! Take her for a meal and propose! When she says "yes" start the wedding on the spot. Have her friends and family on stand-by, making sure every detail is planned out! You need to be extra certain she'll say yes for this one!

6. Get her 3 red roses and tell her they symbolize the past, present and future. The ring should be attached to the future!

7. Go for a day at the spa followed by a professional photo shoot! While you're getting the photos, get down on one knee and propose. You will have the moment forever! Afterwards, go for an amazing meal followed by a 5 star hotel.

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