6 Holiday Tips for Planning Your Christmas Wedding

By Aaron Hu

This winter many brides are looking to have the perfect wedding. One theme that will be particularly popular is the holiday wedding. This type of wedding is one that is tied with the solemn beauty and joy of Christmas and is full of vibrant color and festive images. The challenge for a bride planning a Christmas ceremony and reception is to balance the theme with the wedding so that she can get the best of both. Here are some great tips to help you plan your Christmas nuptials.

Treat the ceremony and reception as two different events. The ceremony is by definition solemn. It is the portion where the actual marriage vows will be exchanged and finalized. So it makes sense that the holiday scenery will be more religious. For the sanctuary and church, try to have votive candles and religious art portraying the Nativity. Have subtle white blossomed flowers for your floral arrangement and ornamental holiday berries. The reception is essentially a celebration. So try to use bold holiday colors such as red, white, and green for maximum impact. You can include Santa figures and other holiday motifs. This will give the reception hall a more festive air.

For your ceremony, go for deep jewel tones that are rich in color and subdued. This will be a great color scheme for the clothing of your bridal party. Make sure that you match colors that will flatter your bridesmaids. A good idea for the dresses is to trim deep colored dresses with bright metallic colored ribbon. This will make a nice contrast that will blend well with the theme for your ceremony

In the case of your reception decorating your guest tables is important. Make sure that table linens, dinner ware, and cutlery all coordinate around common holiday colors and designs. You may want a festive look, but you don't want it to look garish. For the centerpieces red poinsettias will make a great floral arrangement. You may also go for beautiful candles to be at the heart of your centerpieces.

For the menu serve holiday favorites such as Turkey and roast ham. You can also server traditional sides such as corn dressing, stuffing, potato salad, carrot salad. For drinks you can serve warm apple cider and warm spiced wine. Also have great desserts prepared for everyone to enjoy. Have pumpkin pie, apple pie, and other sweet baked desserts that will be sure to be enjoyed by all your guests. Also make sure to be aware of everyone's allergies to food and have alternatives available.

For entertainment you can go with a DJ or local band but you can also have Santa come visit for the kids to make the requests known and have presents and games available for everyone to enjoy. The point is to make sure that everyone has a good time so try to diversify the entertainment so your reception like Christmas is something that guests of all ages can enjoy.

As your guests leave you also want them to have great souvenirs. You can give figurines, wine openers, or very useful shot glass or wine glass with your wedding date and initials on them. These are great mementos that they can keep to remind them of the great time that they had at your wonderful holiday wedding.

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