How to Choose a Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress

By Daphne Sun

Choosing a plus size bridesmaid dress that will outfit a wedding attendant of a larger size, requires some careful consideration on the part of the bride. Women come in many different shapes as well as sizes, but fortunately, so do the dresses that are available to outfit them for that special day. Learning the tips and tricks to choosing a dress to flatter the larger sized bridesmaid is always a good idea.

No particular style of dress is perfect on every figure, but the Princess or A-line silhouette will flatter a variety of figures better than some of the other styles. Catering to the body style of the bridesmaids will make for a more attractive and considerably happier wedding party than just going with the style of dress that the bride finds most attractive. A bride might consider giving the bridesmaids options in the color and cloth that she chooses, because each member of the bridal party will have some idea of the style that best flatters their own form.

Ideally, a bridesmaid should try any dress on herself prior to purchasing it, and she should be sure to walk around in it too, because while that dream dress might look beautiful in the advertisements, it needs to look good on a real woman who is in motion, not just look good draped on a clothes hangar. For a plus size bridesmaid, dresses that are tea length are often the most flattering because they show enough of the ankles and calves to accentuate the curves of a woman without showing too much. Bridesmaid dresses that can be customized to go with a longer or a shorter length is always an advantage as dress length is an important consideration when it comes to dresses that flatter larger figured ladies.

Sleeves are usually the best choice as a bigger bridesmaid may wish to not show off her upper arms in sleeveless styles or spaghetti straps. Likewise, a bodice is not as flattering if it relies on the breasts to hold it in place, or has to be constantly tugged upward. A solid enough sleeve on the dress will benefit a larger body. If the dress that the bride insists upon having in her party is sleeveless, short jackets or shawls in matching or contrasting material or color is often the perfect accessory choice.

More comfortable, and more eye-appealing than fabrics with no give, such as satin, are fabrics that will gently move with the wearer, because a bridesmaid will be in motion to walk down the aisle, then on the dance floor as well, so her comfort should be considered along with her appearance. The ideal fabric for bigger bridesmaids has some stretch to it. A fabric that simply falls off of her curves in unflattering straight lines will not do justice to her womanly figure.

No bridesmaids have perfect, uniform body shapes, so care is needed when planning for the attire of larger bridesmaids. The ideal plus size bridesmaid dress is one that will appeal to the bride's taste and color choices, but is also one that will look good, and feel good to the bridesmaid, too.

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