Wedding Planning Made Easy.

By Jessica Herrington

Planning a wedding can be stressful enough in itself. There's the caterers, the venue, invitations and not forgetting the most important item, the dress! Wouldn't it be useful to have a helping hand in organizing all this? Well there is help at hand. A new email reminder site can keep track and remind you of important upcoming dates such as dress fittings and meetings with wedding coordinators or even hairdressing and make-up appointments., is a new innovative website that can eliminate the hassle of calendars, post-it notes and diaries all together, making your life before the big day fool proof.

In addition, because members of the wedding party will be focused on the big day ahead, you can also input upcoming birthdays and day to day events such as dentist appointments and car services, which may slip your mind at this time.This website can be used in conjunction with any future planning needs such as holiday or car payments, childrens birthdays or even keeping track of prenatal classes if you or one of your family are expecting. can take the stress out of remembering these dates.

This website only requires an email address to allow you peace of mind before the big day. You simply register online, input your upcoming dates, including other important dates you may have such as birthdays and anniversaries, and will send you mutiple email reminders leading up to the date. The great thing is you can choose when to have your reminders sent to you and more than once if you are particularly forgetful.

The innovative website is fast becoming popular, especially in this modern, hectic lifestyle most of us lead. It is quick and convenient to use, and saves the never ending excuses and letting people down.

Remember to suggest this to friends and family, so they will never miss a rehearsal dinner or even the wedding day itself. The helpful home page will explain everything they need to know, and remember this service is completely FREE! can help your wedding day go off without a hitch!

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