Classic and Class in a Black and White Bridesmaid Dress

By Kyra Wright

Adding black and white bridesmaid dresses to wedding party attire is a beautiful way to create a unique, sensational, and memorable look that is not only timelessly classic, it will also outfit the bridesmaids in dresses that are naturally flattering to any body type.

What better choice could there be when looking at wedding party wear than the classics, black and white. Not only is the contrast stunning, the colors are perfect with any style and will enhance the rest of the decor, no matter what colors are chosen for the rest of the venue. Black is slimming. It flatters any figure and is sexy, sultry, and stunning. White is fresh, pretty, regal and touches of white in the wedding party ensemble is complimentary to, rather than distracting from, any gorgeous bride.

If the goal of the wedding is elegance, nothing is more elegant than a classic black dress except for a classic black and white dress. The options are unlimited when it comes to dressing a wedding with black and white bridesmaid dresses. Whether the bride and her party choose solid black dresses with a white sash or bodice, or dresses that are all black, or one of those glorious black dress with the white insert panels in the skirt, the contrast will be magnificent.

New dresses are always being created which play with the black and white scheme and the results are some simply stunning combinations that really catch the eye, and the selection is varied and vast. Seasonal colors are not a worry when the bride chooses black and white bridesmaid's dresses, as these two colors or any combination of them will always be chic. Black and white is perfect for a winter wedding, particularly so if dresses favor the black color and are made of a material such as satin or velvet. They are ideal for summer weddings as well, even more so if they have more white between the ensemble and just a touch of black. Spring and autumn are also perfect times to wear black and white bridesmaid's dresses, and the bride and groom can highlight the perfectly contrasting colors with decor in their favorite shades of color because any color looks terrific next to these classics.

Seasonal colors are often a concern, but these two colors or a combination of them are in style no matter what season, so they are just as nice for a winter wedding as they are for a spring, summer or autumn wedding. Winter brides might consider leaning toward the black color and heavier materials and spring and summer brides would likely choose more white coloring and lighter cloth among the ensemble. The wedding party can then highlight the coloring of the black and white bridesmaid's dresses with their decor in a favorite shade that will compliment the elegant attire that they have chosen.

The "little black dress" being such an important part of any well dressed woman's wardrobe, means that they are very easy to find, and there is such a great variety in styles and patterns from which to choose that the selection is far greater than it would be with a dress of any other color. Choosing such a dress for the bridesmaids is a thoughtful gift, too, because those bridesmaids gain a dress that they will actually be able to wear again since black dresses will never go out of style.

Black and white wedding parties have an added advantage in that they photograph beautifully and offer timeless treasures in the resulting wedding photos. Black and white photography is often a part of wedding venues because, like marriage itself, it is classic and enduring, a timeless symbol of love throughout the ages. Black and white bridesmaid's dresses will automatically give that ageless feel to the wedding pictures, and produce some stunning photographs for the bride and groom to display for the rest of their happily married lives.

Black and white bridesmaid's dresses are ideal attire for creating a beautiful, timeless, stylish look for a wedding day, no matter the season, setting, style, or budget of the happy bride and groom.

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