6 Inexpensive Suggestions for Wedding Decorations

By Aaron Hu

One of the key things a bride has to focus on when planning a wedding in any season is the decorations. The way a bride decorates the venues for her ceremony and reception can help to realize a theme, idea, or even a specific message that she wants to convey to the attendees at her wedding. So it is important that she does so effectively. Another thing is that unless you are a celebrity, you will have a limited budget for decorations. You need to be able to realize your vision for the look of your ceremony and reception within a certain amount. This can be daunting especially when the idea is a particularly grand or complicated one. As you plan your own wedding here are some tips and suggestions for decorating your wedding on a budget.

Get married during the off season. This is a good idea like shopping for winter or spring clothes at the end of the season. The reason is the huge savings that can be had when purchasing the decorations for your wedding. The wedding industry is highly seasonal having a definite ebb and flow. Trying to get the decorations you want during the busy months of spring and summer will only make it more expensive to purchase them.

Do comparison shopping. Try to go to different stores to compare prices on decorations. While many decorations will be generally in the same price range, you should be able to find some good bargains. Also look for any bridal stores offering sales. The point is to never settle for a certain price until you know for sure that it's the best price you can get the decorations at. So make an effort where possible.

Pick a simple or achievable theme. When you pick a theme for your wedding you should see how much it would cost in the ideal and what you can do in reality with your current budget. A great way to see if the theme is possible to do is to see the difference in the actual cost and what you can afford. If you see a huge difference, then you know that it would be difficult to do without further funding. If the costs are roughly the same, then you know you have a great idea to base your decorations off of and should go with it.

When you pick flowers for your floral arrangements, you should use in season plants and flowers. The fact is that it cost money to get roses in winter. If you want to use summer flowers in the off season, the best time to get them and use them is just at the end of the summer. Otherwise you will have to pay extra for hothouse flowers or flowers imported from other countries. So try to stick with in season when possible.

Try to get maximum use for decorations by seeing if they can be used in both the ceremony and the reception. This will not only allow you to save money, but also help maintain uniformity in the look of your wedding.

Finally try to shop online. This allows you to shop from a wider selections and do better comparison shopping. The best thing about shopping for decorations online is that you may come across some items that are original in design and still affordable.

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