Shopping For Bridesmaid Gifts

By Danny Ricks

You are probably already aware that there are so many things to think about and plans to put into motion when preparing for your wedding day. Nonetheless, it is important that you give some serious thought to what you intend to give as bridesmaid gifts to show your bridesmaids just how pleased you are that they are playing their role in your special day. It is, after all the most important day of your life! Giving gifts in this way is a long established tradition and an important part of any wedding day plan.

There are numerous options open to you when you start to look at ideas for bridesmaid gifts, and you will be amazed at just how much variety you actually have right at your fingertips. Although this may seem quite an overwhelming task at the time, all you have to do is give some thought to the person you are buying the gift for. Consider their likes and dislikes and you are sure to be able to make a suitable choice of gift for them. Gifts should not only look good but have meaning behind them too, and if you can select a gift which is of a practical use to her after your big day, this is even better still.

Examples of some nice bridesmaid gifts would be; engraved jewelry boxes, robes, slippers, charm bracelets or photo albums. Some brides like the idea of putting together gift baskets for the bridesmaid gifts. You could put together a spa basket that contains fancy soaps, slippers, a face mask, a towel with their initials on it and maybe even a gift certificate to a local spa.

Traditionally, the bride opts to give all her bridesmaids the same gift, which usually varies only by any personalized details. However, these days a more modern outlook is often taken and gifts specific to each bridesmaid are being given to mark the special event. For example, you may decide to give one of your bridesmaids a lovely photograph album while presenting another bridesmaid with a robe and slipper set. This is always appreciated by the bridesmaid, as it shows you have put some individual thought into what she would like to receive into her present.

Due to the fact that the bride tends to be swept away with the enjoyment of her wedding day, and when the reception comes to an end the bride and groom disappear on their honeymoon, bridesmaids' gifts tend to be given out prior to the day itself. Exactly when you present your bridesmaids with their gifts is up to you, but make sure you have a few uninterrupted minutes to spend with them when you do. This, along with your gift to them will be greatly appreciated.

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