Leez Priory: A Perfect Location For A Picture Perfect Wedding

By Jack F Davis

It is hard to imagine a more beautiful location for a wedding than Leez Priory. A gorgeous Tudor mansion, it has become the wedding spot in England. You will not only have at your disposal the manor itself, but also the 40 acres of lush land and lakes surrounding it.

From the moment you arrive at Leez Priory, it is all yours. The venue is only available for one ceremony at a time so you never have to worry about crossing paths with other wedding parties. This exclusive location really will be exclusive.

When you arrive the night before, there is a cottage available for the Bride and Bridesmaids. You can spend the evening relaxing and whatever you need can be supplied for you, such as food, drinks and CDs, to make the night perfect. The ladies can either choose to get ready for the wedding here, or move to the rooms set aside for this purpose in the manor itself.

Your civil ceremony can be held in one of five licensed locations, such as the Tudor Great Tower which is right next to the manor house. This is a unique location that you will not find anywhere else. Meals can also be served in a variety of spots such as the Coach House which has been newly converted. Other options include the Great Hall and the Gate House.

If you would like to follow with a party in the evening, there are several drawing rooms and a vaulted cellar that are at your disposal. The entire house will hold up to 250 guests. There is even a DJ onsite who can provide the entertainment. And, if you would like to spend the night, there are 15 bedrooms, including a bridal suite complete with spa bath. A full English breakfast will be served the morning following the wedding in the Great Hall.

With more than 20 years of catering to weddings, Leez Priory, is sure to be able to make your wedding turn out perfectly. The stunning setting, with the historic mansion and the surrounding grounds, provide a location that is unrivaled.

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